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Painted Tulips: A 2021 Floral Design Trend!

Weeks are passing by, and before we know it, it will be New Year’s Eve! In the coming weeks, we want to inform you which floral trends we are spotting, so you can stay on top of your market. Read all about 2021’s floral design trends and surprise your florist and event planner customers with the products we will present! In this blog post, we will show you the rise of Painted Tulips of this year: be amazed!

Dusty Olive

How Tulips Are Painted

First of all, it’s good to know how your Tulips are getting painted. To be exact, they are not actually painted, but the stems absorb the paint (which is thinned with water). This is what we call absorbed-dyed. The paint is getting transported through the stem to the flower petals, and over there the paint is moving through the veins of each petal. The longer the Tulip stems are staying in the paint, the more color will be absorbed.

Needless to say that Tulips are a fresh product, but important is to know that most of the painting companies work on request. If you want to order Painted Tulips, make sure you order them in time! In this way, our suppliers can prepare the prettiest colored Tulips for you.

Flirty Pink
Frost Blue
Gipsy Blue

Endless Color Combination Possibilities

By using paint, the color options are endless: they are available in single dyed options from yellow to green, from pink to red, and from light grey to deep blue. And what do you think of bicolor or even tri-color combinations? Painting companies are experimenting with various combinations, and the most beautiful new varieties appear on the market each week. In the Holex webshop, you can find a daily updated offer of all available Painted Tulips!

Pastel Violet
Purple Maggie

Painted Tulip Varieties for (Wholesale) Florists

We’ve put together a selection of amazing Painted Tulip varieties in this blog post, so you can see for yourself how beautiful they look! All are available in our webshop. If you have any questions about availability or pricing, please contact your Holex Account Manager (wholesale florists) or your local wholesale Sales Rep (florists).

Royal Blue
Shades of Grey
Soft Caramel
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