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Pincushion, Protea & Leucadendron from Portugal Available at Holex Flower

These products are already packed at the grower, which ensures great product quality, and therefore they are also very competitively priced. Amaze your customers with Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion), Protea & Leucadendron from Portugal!

Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion)

This exotic beauty stands for strength and enthusiasm. The flowers are used to heavy weather conditions. A Pincushion is always visible in a bouquet, because of its distinctive appearance. A perfect flower for a gift, if you want to give somebody strength and power.

Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion) Soleil 35-40 cm
Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion) Succession 35 cm


Protea originates from South Africa, where the Swedish botanist Karl Linnaeus discovered it in 1735. He named the flower after the Greek god Proteus. The story goes that Proteus could transform himself into anything he wanted, and because of the many shapes a Protea can have, Linnaeus thought this was the perfect name.

Protea Cynaroides Madiba 35-60 cm


Leucadendron, or Cone Bush, really adds texture to floral designs. The sturdy branches and leafs make sure that each design in which these beauties are used, have instant stopping power.

Leucadendron Spray Star Pearl 60-80 cm

Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion), Protea & Leucadendron from Portugal in The Holex Webshop

When you log into the Holex webshop, visit the Holland department to see the Leucospermum Nutan (Pincushion), Protea & Leucadendron from Portugal offerings. For more information about availability and pricing, contact your Holex Account Manager.

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