Rose Red Elegance And Rose Carousel Illusion

J&K Rosa (Meeuwisse) grows the beautiful varieties Red Elegance and Carousel Illusion. Carousel Illusion is an old variety that’s making it’s comeback. Unlike other roses, these varieties are cut from the plant in an open stage. Despite this, the roses still have a very good vase life. Both varieties are available all year. 

Rose Caroussel Illusion is great for wedding designs or if you’re looking for a real eye-catcher in any other design. The way the petals are layered is really unique and you won’t quickly forget this rose.

The Red Elegance is, just as it’s name says a real elegant flower. Because of the year-round availability this rose can be used in any time of year. For example Valentine’s Day and Christmas but also the 4th of July. It can handle any design flawlessly.  

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