Southern Hemisphere Tulips Available Now in Our Webshop!

Woohoo! Fall has only just begun and already we can enjoy the beauty of those high-quality Southern Hemisphere Tulips! Or cooler gets filled with more and more varieties in the quality that you are used to when you order Tulips from Holex.

Interested why we call them “Southern Hemisphere Tulips? Well, let’s find out!

Southern Hemisphere Tulips VS. Northern Hemisphere Tulips: what’s the difference?

In short, it is an availability thing. As you may know, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are located oppositely to each other on our planet, and therefore the seasons are also opposite. When it is spring in Holland (Northern Hemisphere) and Tulips are flooding our fields, it’s fall in New Zealand (Southern Hemisphere), and over there the growers start to prepare the Tulips bulbs for their winter sleep.

As our Dutch season passes, some growers still have bulbs that they can grow in their greenhouses. The past few months we offered a small selection of these Tulips in our webshop. These Tulips are still grown from bulbs from the Northern Hemisphere, aka Tulips bulbs that are prepared in Holland.

But now Holland enters the fall time, and this means… the New Zealand bulbs are awaking from their winter sleep! They are transported to Holland, where they grow amazing Tulips right in the Dutch green houses.

Southern Hemisphere Tulips in Our Webshop

So now you know the difference between Southern and Northern Hemisphere Tulips. Almost needless to say, but we hope you are sure to know that you ALWAYS receive the best quality products available on the market from Holex!  For Tulips availability, please check our webshop regularly!