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Sweet Pea, Grown in Japan. The Most Trending Flower of 2019!

The Sweet Pea is one of our most requested trending flower and is known for its delicate aroma and the abundance of varieties available. All the colors Sweet Pea is available in corresponds to this year’s 2019 Pantone color charts. The Holex Miami webshop is where you can find more than 70+ varieties of this new and delicate flower which can help fill every expectation your customer requires for each design they wish to achieve. Holex USA is shipping Sweet Peas all over the U.S. and Canada. One more flower being asked for by the new generation!

The Meaning of Sweet Pea

What is the Real Sweet Pea Meaning?

This trending flower, which is also known as Lathyrus Odoratus, symbolizes bliss or delicate pleasure and may also be used to indicate someone is leaving after a positive experience or as a term of endearment. The Sweet Pea is also April’s Birth Flower.

The Sweet Pea flower can be traced back as far as the 1700s. Maybe it was William Shakespeare, that was thinking about the Sweet Pea flower when he wrote: “ Parting is such sweet sorrow “? You can find some elaborate, exquisite, and immaculate arrangements online using Sweet Peas. It is a trending flower and the Wedding flower of choice by more and more of the millennial generation.

Great varieties, different textures, shapes, size and fragance!

There are over 200 Sweet Pea producers in Japan, all grown in greenhouses. The growers have excellent control over the growth and selection of each flower. They are packed with the greatest delicacy and are shipped to customers with the highest quality standards. The Japanese Sweet Peas stand out because of its excellent quality, fragrance, and its length. Some Japanese Sweet Pea varieties are available in 50/60cm length, and Japan Sweet Pea producers also offer Japanese Sweet Peas on a vine in Blue, Pink and White which can reach up to 100cm in length. Although not all varieties have a fragrance, this delicate flower is a real gem that can be an asset for each designer to develop spectacular arrangements for weddings and all types of exquisite events.

Great Varieties, Different Textures, Shapes, Size and Fragrance!

Take advantage of our Sweet Peas, NOW ! Available on the Holex MIAMI webshop !!

At Holex USA we have more than 70+ varieties of Sweet Peas available. You can find all varieties on our Holex Miami webshop offered through our Farm Direct program shipping from Japan twice a week direct into Miami. Some of our most exotic varieties are Amethyst, Antique, Blue Fragrance, Dream, Megumi, Miyabi no Kanada, Momoiro, Shikibu, Shire Ripple, Stella, Splash and many more! We are halfway through the Sweet Pea season, it’s only available until the end of March so don’t wait any longer! Log on to our webshop now to place your order or contact your sales representative to discuss colors, textures, sizes and shipping options!

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