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Thrill Carnations VS Nobbio Carnations: What Are the Differences?

Have you ever thought about what the difference is between Thrill Carnations and Nobbio Carnations? Well, the answer is this: the Thrill collection has a really subtle color transition, and the Nobbio collection consists out of solid colors.

Thrill Carnations: from Earthy Tones to Vintage Purple

The Carnation Thrill collection is extraordinary because the perfect color transition begins in earth colors and reaches purple in a very subtle way. It is beautiful to see the delicate change of earthy colors, which are unique colors for Carnations.

The design possibilities with Thrill Carnations are endless. Whether you use the full palette or just one variety in combination with other flowers: the results will be amazing. Especially for weddings and occasions where you want to display something different, Thrill Carnations add a vintage, elegant touch to your arrangements.

Thrill Carnation Varieties in Our Offerings

Look at the pictures and see for yourself that the Thrill Carnations that we offer have amazing color tones!

Carnation Thrill Bronze

Perfect for elegant, vintage wedding designs.

Carnation Thrill Cobalt

The deep pale purple color is a piece of art itself.

Carnation Thrill Chroma

Chroma looks like its radiating! Countless tones of red, from pale to bright in just one bloom.

Carnation Thrill Night

Opting for a mysterious look? Carnation Thrill Night is your flower of choice.

Carnation Thrill Sepia

This variety has “vintage” written all over it!

Carnation Thrill Winner

This pale purple Carnation will be focal flower no. 1 in your design.

Nobbio Carnations: Hot Romance with A Twist!

The color palette of the Nobbio Carnations collection consists of nude pink, pink, cerise, burgundy, and wine red. Some of the varieties, like Carnation Nobbio Cherry and Carnation Nobbio Party, have a lighter color trim at the edges of the countless petals.

Nobbio Carnation Varieties in Our Offerings

If you really want to go all-out design-wise, use Carnations Nobbio Burgundy in combination with other pink and burgundy colored flowers. Designs which carry these flowers in them are perfect for passionate summer weddings!

Carnation Nobbio Argenta

Add a touch of romance to your design with this nude pink Nobbio Carnation variety.

Carnation Nobbio Burgundy

This variety looks amazing: deep burgundy-colored petals with a light cerise edge!

Carnation Nobbio Cassis

Cassis looks like it is spray-painted, really stunning!

Carnation Nobbio Cherry

Cherry is bicolored cerise: deep cerise-colored petals with a softer tone at the edges.

Carnation Nobbio Party

It’s all in the name! Party has color in between burgundy and cerise and looks stunning.

Carnation Nobbio Pink Gelato

Looks like a scoop of strawberry ice cream!

Thrill and Nobbio Carnations in the Holex USA Miami Webshop

We have these beautiful collections available in our online store! You can choose from Fancy varieties, which have a stem length of 65 cm or Select varieties, which have a stem length of 75 cm. Visit our webshop to see the current offerings, or contact your sales representative if you have any questions about availability.

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