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Top 10 Christmas Flowers for 2019, A Shopping List

Last week, we wrote about the best Christmas Greeneries, because one of the trends for this year is “inspired by nature”. But that’s not all that’s hot and happening this year, of course. By knowing what trends will mark the Holidays of 2019, you can get a grip on the colors that your customers will be using in their tree decorations and table setting.

And therefore, which colors they will be looking for in their flowers.

So let’s take a look at other big trends for this year, shall we?

  • Blue Christmas. No, we’re not talking about “feeling blue this Christmas”. Blue promises to be one of 2019’s biggest contestants for the traditional Christmas colors.
  • Holidays of the senses. “The eye wants something as well” is what we say in the Netherlands, meaning that looks can be important too. Usually, decorations are already catered at the eye. This Christmas, however, all the senses want their share.
  • Silver and Ice Blue. A variation on the Blue Christmas, but one that is very suitable for the winter season.
  • Metallics and Black. Black is probably not the first color that you’re thinking of when picking your Christmas decorations. But, when used right it can be very classy. Combined with metallics it makes for a very original Christmas setting that will be sure to catch people’s attention.
  • Shades of Pink, White, and Green. White and Green have always been “Christmassy”, why not combine them with some subtle shades of pink to really make them pop?
  • And of course the traditional Christmas colors: Red, Green, Gold, and Silver.

We found a lot of flowers to go with these themes.

For this list, we combined the flowers that were the most popular last year, with those that we feel deserve to be in this year’s Christmas spotlights. So whether you’re looking for known bestsellers, or for new products to surprise your customers: you’ve come to the right place!

Tulip X-Mas Assorted

Bestseller. Need we say more? Christmas is in the name for a reason. And best of all: they fit in perfectly with the “Shades of pink, white and green” color scheme for this year.

Ilex Verticulata

Bestseller. A Holiday classic, thanks to the bright red berries that remind one of mistletoe. It’s not for nothing that Ilex Verticulata was also featured in our Christmas Greeneries article. It fits in nicely with a classic red-themed Christmas or one that is aimed at the 2019 trend “Natural Christmas”.

Lavandula Dried

Newcomer. Lavendula is a great pick for anyone who is looking for a way to incorporate smell in their “Treat all the senses” Christmas theme.

Cornus Alba Sibirica

Bestseller. A simple and elegant addition to any bouquet or arrangement, and a usual suspect on our bestseller list for every Christmas period.

Freesia Blue Moon

Newcomer. Fits in nicely with the “Blue Christmas” theme.

Waxflower Gold & Glitter

Newcomer. Waxflowers are available in many different colors and can add a sense of luxury to any Christmas setting.

Pinecone Painted Gold

Newcomer. Several designers mentioned pinecones in relation to the “inspired by nature trend”. We have them available in different colors, so you can combine them with any arrangement.

Brassica Painted Lavender & Glitter

Newcomer. This beautiful Brassica would fit in really well with the shades of pink color theme. Even better: the frosty, snowy finish truly gives it that Holiday touch.

Ruscus Painted Gold

Newcomer. You can never go wrong with gold for Christmas. We’re sure that your customers would love to add this Ruscus Painted Gold to their “natural themed” table setting.

Ilex Painted Champagne

Newcomer. This one might be a little more new year’s eve than Christmas, but the two are often intertwined in designs, so what would keep you from adding this Ilex variety to your stock?

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