Trendy Valentine’s Roses! [2019]

What’s Valentine’s Day without Roses? Our buyer selected this year’s beauties! Be inspired by the lovely Valentine’s Roses in this post and give your V-day sales a boost by offering them to your customers!

Numbered list of trendy Valentine roses of 2019

This Year’s Trendy Valentine’s Roses

  1. Rose Freedom – Tall, strong and beautiful. This is a fantastic Rose to use in centerpieces.
  2. Rose Madam Red– Elegant, classy and romantic is what this Rose variety breathes.
  3. Rose Black Baccara – This deep red Rose almost looks like satin.
  4. Spray Rose Rubicon – A spray Rose with large flower heads that open up wonderful.
  5. Rose Upper Class – A very luxury looking Rose that is perfect for any occasion!
  6. Spray Rose Fire Flash – The red of the Rose is mixed with yellow stripes.
  7. Spray Rose Mirabel – If you’re looking for a very nice red spray Rose than this is a serious option!
  8. Rose Ever Red – Show your ever lasting love with this fantastic Rose variety.
  9. Rose El Toro – Olé! This fringled heart looks like the curtain used in the Spanish bullfighting.
  10. Rose Heart XXL Preserved – This is just amazing! This preserved Rose is transformed into a heart to show ultimate love.
  11. Rose Red Naomi – The most famous of red Roses cannot be missed on our list.

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