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Tulips from Holland: New Arrivals Week 2

Tulip season has finally begun! The past few weeks more and more varieties found their way to our cooler, and the Holex Tulip range is growing fast. Our team of buyers is full-time on the lookout to be able to offer you the most stunning Tulips from Holland! A daily updated assortment of Single, Double, Frill, Parrot, Lily-flowered, and French Tulips can be found in the Holex webshop.

In this blog post, we’ll show you this week’s new varieties that are available in our offerings at this moment. Enjoy!

Tulip Abracadabra
Tulip Andante
Tulip Cheers Mate
Tulip Dutch Pride
Tulip Flaming Art
Tulip Flaming Margarita
Tulip Elzenburg
Tulip San Martin
Tulip Universum

Tulips from Holland: Offer Your Customers Superb Quality

The very first Tulips didn’t originate from the Netherlands, as many people think. Tulips originate from Turkey. The widely accepted theory is that they were introduced in Northwestern Europe by an ambassador for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. This ambassador was fascinated by the flowers that were blooming in “almost midwinter, a season unfriendly to flowers”. Read all about these remarkable beauties in this blog post!

Painted Tulips from Holland

Did you know that there is also a plethora of painted Tulips from Holland available in the Holex webshop? Read all about these beauties in this blog post, and discovers which colors and color combinations we offer!

Tulip Floral Design Inspiration

If you or your customers are looking for ways to use Tulips in floral designs, visit our Pinterest mood board for inspiration! We’ve also created a lot of design tutorials with Tulips, like this one, this one, and this one.

The Holex Webshop is Filled with Tulips!

Log in and discover our daily updated range of Tulips from Holland! Not a Holex customer yet? Wholesale florists can contact us over here. Florist or event planner? Contact your local wholesale florist and participate in our HLX Dutch Direct program!

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