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Tumbabiro: Amazing Ecuadorian Lisianthus!

The Tumbabiro range in the Holex webshop consists out of a selection of extraordinary high-quality Lisianthus varieties. Our North American customers can order them in the Miami webshop department.

Tumbabiro in A Nutshell: Quality through Craftsmanship

Did you ever wonder if there are more hardy Lisianthus varieties available? Well, we offer them! We are thrilled to be able to offer the products of Tumbabiro, a grower which puts a lot of effort and time into cultivating beautiful Lisianthuses. But why do their flowers differ from other growers?

Well, to begin, they germinate the seeds in their associated company in San Agustín (Ibarra). This takes up to three months! After this, the pylers are transported to the Tumbabiro farm. In five months they grow into fantastic Lisianthus stems with a lot of blooms.

Multiple Cut Stages Make Sure This Grower Stands Out

And now comes the most interesting part: you can decide whether you want to have semi-open blooms or fully open blooms! Usually, Lisianthus stems are being cut after a cultivation period of 20 weeks. To reach the open-cut stage, the stems need to be on the plant for 60 (!) days longer.

The semi-open Lisianthuses are available any time in the Miami department of the Holex webshop. If you would like to order fully open Lisianthuses, please contact your Holex USA Account Manager. You need to place your order in time, so the grower is able to let the plants grow. Fully opened Lisianthuses are also available via standing orders.

Tumbabiro Lisianthuses in the Holex Webshop

We offer two amazing series of Lisianthus varieties of Tumbabiro: the Mariachi series and the Balboa series. We also offer assorted Mariachi boxes.

Lisianthus Varieties by Tumbabiro

Balboa Blue

Mariachi Blue Rim

Mariachi Green

Mariachi Misty Blue

Mariachi Pink Rim

Mariachi Pink

Mariachi White

Mariachi Assorted

Surprise your customers by offering these Ecuadorian beauties in your range! If you have any questions, contact your Account Manager. Visit the webshop to place your order!

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