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About Valentine and Roses

Valentine and roses: the two are inseparable.

But why is that? What links roses and Valentine together? And which Roses should you stock up on to prepare yourself for a successful Valentine’s?

In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating history of Roses and Valentine’s Day. You’ll also find some handy, step-by-step videos, showing you how to make some beautiful and romantic flower arrangements.

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Valentine and Roses

Our Favorite Roses for Valentine’s day

Rosey Designs Your Customers Will Love

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's and roses are linked together through historyThe first ever Valentine’s Day was celebrated as early as 496.

Several legends and myths are going around, but we’ll probably never discover the exact story behind the origin of Valentine’s Day.

What we do know, is that the Valentine’s Day celebration as we know it became popular through the Legenda Aurea, a book which was composed in the 14th century about Christian holidays and celebrations. There, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote:

“For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make”

“Because this was on Saint Valentine’s Day
When every bird comes to chess its mate”

Nowadays we celebrate love in general on February 14th , and not only ‘anonymous love’. Lovers, couples and even friends express their love to each other with Valentine’s cards, gifts, and flowers.

So… What About Roses and Valentine?

Giving Roses for Valentine’s Day probably stems from the late 17th century when King Charles II of Sweden went on a trip to Persia. In Persia, Charles discovered the art of communicating with flowers, without using words. When he introduced this art in Europe, it became a hype, and lists of flowers and their meanings became widespread.

A yellow Carnation, for example, meant that the recipient had disappointed the giver. And the red Rose, of course, was the symbol of love.

And where did the Rose get this symbolic meaning?

For that, we need to go back in time even further. To Greek mythology, where the Rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her lover Adonis. When Adonis was killed by a wild boar, Aphrodite wept bitter tears for his demise. Rose bushes were said to have grown where her tears and Adonis’ blood touched the ground.

Fortunately, the tale has a (partial) happy end: Adonis was restored to life by Zeus. But, because Persephone – goddess of fertility and dead – also demanded his love, it was decided that Adonis would spend six months in the underworld with her for every six months among the living with Aphrodite.

Product Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Before we return to the Rose once again, perhaps you are looking for some additional inspiration to add to your Valentine’s Day stock. We have selected 14 interesting flowers for you to use!

Valentine Roses for 2021

Whether the tradition stems from the Swedish King Charles, or from two goddesses who were bickering over the same lover, the red Rose has been a symbol for Valentine’s day for centuries.

Of course, different Rose colors have different meanings and might be a great gift for Valentine’s as well.

Still, red is the color of passion and love, and by far the most popular. And fortunately, there are plenty of different varieties to choose from! Here you can see a selection, just a few of our personal, all-time favorites.

Here you can see the favorite Valentine roses of Holex Flower
  1. Rose Freedom – Tall, strong and beautiful. This is a fantastic Rose to use in centerpieces.
  2. Rose Madam Red– Elegant, classy and romantic is what this Rose variety breathes.
  3. Rose Black Baccara – This deep red Rose almost looks like satin.
  4. Spray Rose Rubicon – A spray Rose with large flower heads that open up wonderful.
  5. Rose Upper Class – A very luxury looking Rose that is perfect for any occasion!
  6. Spray Rose Fire Flash – The red of the Rose is mixed with yellow stripes.
  7. Spray Rose Mirabel – If you’re looking for a very nice red spray Rose than this is a serious option!
  8. Rose Ever Red – Show your everlasting love with this fantastic Rose variety.
  9. Rose El Toro – Olé! This fringed heart looks like the curtain used in the Spanish bullfighting.
  10. Rose Heart XXL Preserved – This is just amazing! This preserved Rose is transformed into a heart to show ultimate love.
  11. Rose Red Naomi – The most famous of red Roses cannot be missed on our list.

Valentine’s Floral Design Inspiration

There are so many design possibilities for this holiday, the sky is the limit. From bouquets to large centerpieces, a single Rose to a bunch of 100: every love requires its own, personal touch. Make sure you listen to your customers’ needs and create the perfect, matching design! For your inspiration, we offer Valentine’s spirited design tutorials so you can create the most stunning Valentine’s floral decorations for your customers!

How to Make a Romantic Garland with Roses

The beautiful Rose Prince of Persia and Rose Nightingale are combined together with Ruscus and Gypsophila in this romantic garland with roses. Surprise yourself and your customers not with only that bouquet or single flower, but use this garland as well for festive decoration and love expression. Watch the tutorial and order these great products in our webshop now!

Time needed: 40 minutes.

Difficulty: medium (***)

Steps For Making This Romantic Garland with Roses

  1. Making a start

    Take a long stem of Ruscus and remove most of the leaves from the bottom end up. Leave most of the leaves on the top.

  2. Adding the first flowers

    Now take a rose, cut the stem at approx. 4 cm from the end and lay it against the stem of the Ruscus. Do the same for a Gypsophila stem. Next, take the iron wire and wind the stems tightly together.

  3. Repeating

    Continue step 2 with the Roses and Gypsophila. Make the garland the desired length that you want.

  4. The finishing touch

    When you’re near the desired length, repeat step 1 and make this the end of your garland. Fill up with the last of the Roses and Gypsophila. Any iron wire that is still visible can be covered up with the floral tape.

  5. Enjoy!

    Your romantic garland with Roses is now ready!


  • Secateurs
  • Knife
  • Iron Wire
  • Floral Tape


  • 12 x Ruscus Aculeatus
  • 15 x Gypsophila Million Star
  • 14 x Rose Nightingale
  • 16 x Rose Prince of Persia

How to Make a Valentine’s Heart with Roses & Tulips

Roses and Tulips, a perfect combination to express love! Combine various red and pink Rose varieties with the beautiful Ad Rem Tulip, and your customers will be blown away. Be inspired by this video tutorial about how to make this romantic heart with Roses and Tulips, follow the steps and create your own!

Time: 15 – 20 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)

Steps To Make The Romantic Heart with Roses and Tulips:

  1. Soak the floral foam.
  2. Start by putting in the Red Eye Roses. Cut the stems short, to approx. 4cm, so you keep the heart shape intact. Spread the Roses equally and push them carefully in the foam.
  3. Now add the Madam Red Roses and the Ad Rem Tulips. Make sure all the foam is covered with flowers, also the sides.
  4. Finally, you add the Beargrass to the design to give it a modern touch. Make 5 small bundles (around 5 blades per bundle) and carefully push them into the foam at the pointy end of the heart. Use the iron wire to secure the tops at the upper part of the heart shape. Remove the parts of the blades that stick back out.
  5. Your romantic heart with Roses and Tulips is ready! Enjoy!


  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Floral wire or greening pins


  • 15 x Rose Red Eye
  • 10 x Rose Madam Red
  • 50 x Tulip Ad Rem
  • 1 x bundle Beargrass Red

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