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Valentine’s Day Flowers for (Wholesale) Florists

2022 has begun, and it’s time to focus on Valentine’s Day! This year, the 14th of February may be even more important than usual, because in a lot of countries worldwide it has been difficult to show love to one another due to the COVID’19 pandemic. Let’s make this year’s V-Day one to remember for a lot of people, by creating amazing floral designs for your customers! We have put together a list of must-have Valentine’s Day flowers for (wholesale) florists, to inspire you and your customers.

Must-Have Valentine’s Day Flowers for Wholesale Florists

Of course, red Roses cannot miss out on this list. But have you ever thought of putting red-painted Genista in your Valentine’s Day floral range? Check out the list we’ve prepared below to discover some other great items!

Ranunculus Cloni Passion

Look at the amazing passionate deep red color of this Ranunculus variety! Not only its color is striking, but also the countless petals of the bloom.
Freesia Versailles

Freesia has such a romantic appearance, and its fragrance is just stunning! This double-flowered Freesia variety matches great in Valentine’s bouquets of any size.
Daffodil Paperwhite

Who says Daffs can’t be used in V-day designs?? Especially Paperwhite fits the job perfectly! Its delicate little flowers burst out happiness.

Ranunculus Cloni Light Pink

Although the floral Valentine’s Day color palette consists mostly out of reds, this light pink Cloni Ranunculus variety will surely put some contrast.
Genista Red

Genista is such a joyful product! The Holex webshop offers it in a range of colors, but red is perfect for this holiday. A great filler for V-Day bouquets!
Rose Rhodos

One of the prettiest red Roses available is definitely Rhodos. The bloom opens up fantastically and Rhodos has a great vase-life.
Ranunculus Cloni Nerone

Want to spice up your Valentine’s designs? Nerone is your focal flower of choice! Have you seen any deeper burgundy-colored flowers ever?
Lisianthus Rosita White

Lisianthus is one of the most compelling filler flowers to use in your Valentine’s designs. Huge blooms, that breath-out romance. What do we need more?
Matthiola Aida White

Candlelight, romantic music, and a lovely fragrance. All ingredients for a perfect Valentine’s dinner! Matthiola will surely lift up any décor for this setting.
Anemone Marianne Red

The striking red color of Anemone Marianne Red is just fabulous! This delicate focal flower fits great into any Valentine’s bouquet.
Rose Red Naomi

This Valentine’s Day Flowers for (Wholesale) Florists list wouldn’t be complete without Rose Red Naomi! An all-time favorite Valentine’s flower.
Lisianthus painted Alissa Beau Red

This painted Lisianthus variety looks so alien! It will instantly add contrast to the bouquets and arrangements of your customers.
Freesia Volante

A superb-looking double-flowered Freesia variety, with an amazing fragrance. One of our favorite V-Day flowers!
Carnation Golem

Did you know that red Carnations enunciate love and affection? Golem definitely does! This sturdy focal flower is a joy to use in floral designs.
Ranunculus Cloni Laser

Laser’s hot pink color is mesmerizing! Yet again, a member of the Cloni family that fits perfectly in every Valentine’s range.
Waxflower Blondie

The sweet-looking little blooms of Waxflower Blondie cannot miss out on this Valentine’s Day Flowers for (Wholesale) Florist list!

Valentine’s Day Flowers in The Holex Webshop

In our webshop, a daily updated list of the most amazing flowers for the celebrate-your-love-day is available. If you have any questions about pricing or availability, please contact your Holex Account Manager (wholesale florists), or your local wholesale Sales Rep (florists and event planners). For V-Day floral design inspiration, visit our Pinterest mood board!

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