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Must-have Valentine’s Day Red Roses

What’s Valentine’s Day without red Roses? Our buyer selected THE must-have Valentine’s Day red Roses for 2022! From big-headed to spray varieties:  Be inspired by the lovely Valentine’s Roses in this post and give your wholesale Valentine’s Day sales a boost by offering them to your customers! Needless to say: all products mentioned in this blog post, are available on our webshop.

Valentine’s Day Red Roses for (Wholesale) Florists

Rose Freedom
Tall, strong, and beautiful. This is a fantastic Rose to use in centerpieces.
Rose Madam Red
Elegant, classy, and romantic is what this Rose variety breathes.
Rose Black Baccara
This deep red Rose almost looks like satin. It sure cannot miss out on our list of must-have Valentine’s red Roses for 2022!
Spray Rose Rubicon
A spray Rose with large flower heads that open up wonderful.
Rose Upper Class
A very luxury-looking Rose that is perfect for any occasion!
Spray Rose Dominica
This Spray Rose has large red flower heads, simply fantastic!
Spray Rose Mirabel
If you’re looking for a very nice red spray Rose then this is a serious option!

Rose Ever Red
Show your everlasting love with this fantastic Rose variety.
Rose Red Eagle
This Dutch-grown large-headed Rose has a great vase life and looks stunning.
Rose Con Amore
What else would your customers need for Valentine’s Day besides this romantic named Dutch-grown Rose variety?
Rose Rhodos
A very strong Rose from Kenya, ready to be used in all kinds of Valentine’s Day decorations.
Rose Red Naomi
The most famous of red Roses cannot be missed on our list.

Floral Design Inspiration with Red Roses

On our Pinterest mood board, you and your customers can find loads of inspiration for fantastic designs with Red Roses! Take a look, and be stunned!

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