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Vanda Flowers for Mother’s Day Floral Designs

Oh, those pretty Vanda flowers! They breathe out an exotic sense of happiness, with their intriguing colors. Vanda’s add the finishing touch to luxurious floral designs, and they are one of the favorite flowers to work with for a lot of famous floral designers. Our trusted grower Ansu Vanda has composed a mixed box of Vanda flowers for Mothers Day, with which your customers can create stunning Mothers Day floral designs!

What are Vanda Flowers?

If you have never heard of Vanda flowers before, take a minute to discover these beauties. They belong to the Orchid family and originally come from the Himalayas. A flower with a story, and a great symbolism: friendship! And isn’t that what we all want to celebrate with our mothers? For more information about this amazing flower, visit our #flowerwiki page of Vanda, where you will learn all about it, how to use it, and care and handling tips.

Ansu’s Vanda Mix for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day mix comes in a box with isolation foil wrapped around it, so the flowers will not be damaged by cold during transport. The mix consists out of 8 beautiful branches filled with Vanda flowers, in a warm color palette. Pink, orange, purple, burgundy: all colors that can be used perfectly in a Mother’s Day floral design color schedule. Surprise your customers by offering this fantastic mixed box!

Floral Design Inspiration with Vanda Flowers

Vanda’s can be used in many ways in floral decorations. For example, take a look at the designs tutorial we made over here! For more design ideas, you and your customers can visit our Pinterest mood board. Be inspired!

Vanda Flowers for Mother’s Day in The Holex Webshop

Visit the Holland department of the Holex webshop to discover all Vanda offerings. For more information about availability and prcing, please contact your Holex Account Manager.

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