Veronica: One of Our Favorite Year-Round Available Flowers!

Veronica Longifolia is generally thought of as a typical summer flower, but did you know that Veronica is available year-round? The flower is also very popular for use in wedding designs. It’s no surprise that because of its playful shape, the wonderful colors and high quality that Holex offers, Veronica is one of our most popular flowers each year.

Playful Shape and Combinations

The colored plume of the Veronica is the most striking part of the flower. It has a very playful shape that can be used in a lot of designs. By using Veronica you add a lot of happiness, joy and a creative twist to your floral designs. Veronica is available in three colors: white, purple/blue and pink. We have created a list of the most popular colors and varieties below.

Popular White Veronica Varieties

Veronica Caya

Veronica White Melanie

Popular Blue/Purple Veronica Varieties

Veronica Melanie

Veronica Clea Diana

Veronica Clea June

Veronica Christa

Veronica Smart Fountain

Veronica Pacific Ocean

Popular Pink Veronica Varieties

Veronica Smart Enjoyce

Veronica Anna

Availability in Our Webshop

The Veronicas that Holex offers are sourced worldwide. The countries where we import Veronica’s from include Kenia and Ethiopia. Dutch grown Veronica varieties like Veronica Caya and Clea Diana are available from June to October.

High quality Veronica’s are year-round available at Holex. Not every variety is available in each month so check out our webshop or contact your Account Manager for availability!