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Virginia Disbuds and Other Fall Flowers at Holex USA

Bring the fall color into your home with these two beautiful Virginia Disbud varieties. Virginia Disbud Bronze and Virginia Disbud Red are both excellent additions to any fall flower arrangement. Below, you can read more about where they are being grown.

Virginia Disbuds by Florisol

For this fall, we recommend Bronze Standard Mums, Bronze Anastasia’s, or Virginia Red Disbud Cremone’s.

The Virginia Disbuds available in our webshop are being grown by Florisol, part of Florisol & Co., one of the most prestigious companies of the Ecuadorian flower industry. Founded in 1984, they now feature their own tissue lab in order to guarantee the quality of all their varieties.

In total, Florisol & Co spans 35 hectares, composing a total of three farms: Florisol, Piaveri and Clarivel. Each of these farms is located in a part of Ecuador that is best suited for the health of the flowers being grown there. This ensures that Florisol’s Virginia Disbuds are of the highest quality.

Combination tip: ornamental Corn

What better way to set the table for next thanksgiving than with a beautiful centerpiece centering Corn?

With its many seeds, Corn symbolizes fertility and rebirth. Therefore, it makes for an excellent addition to any fall bouquet, the season in which the current year is coming to an end, and we start preparing for the next one.

Corn has been cultivated for thousands of years. Scientist believe that the first crops of Corn were invented by people in central Mexico some 7000 years ago.

Ornamental Corn | Holex Flower

We’ve come a long way since then. There are many shapes and colors of Ornamental Corn available. In other words: there is always a type of Corn to spice up your fall arrangement.

Further reading: Ornamental Corn, Folklore, Availability, and Design Suggestions.

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