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Visit To Forsythia Grower van der Jagt

Our buyers visit growers very often to stay updated about the latest news. This time, one of our buyers visited Forsythia grower van der Jagt in Andijk to talk with the grower and keep updated about the latest news about this special shrub.

Van der Jagt

Van der Jagt is a real family business. For generations long they grow Forsythia.  The entire process is manual labor. The Forsythia is simply to big to be processed by machines.

It all starts on the field. All the Forsythia that Holex offers are grown in the Netherlands. The growing of Forsythia is a two-year process. Some of the shrubs on the field at van der Jagt are over 25 years old! The shrubs are resistant against the cold winter and frost so don’t need to be covered up in the winter period.

When the Forsythia’s are fully grown, they are cut down. Next, they are sorted on length, sprayed with water and placed in the freezer. Here they will be sprayed with water every two days. The ice will protect the flower of the Forsythia. The Forsythia needs this freezing cold period in order to produce flowers.

Forsythia Field | Holex Flower

The field full of Forsythia

After 6 to 8 weeks the Forsythias are shaken to remove the leaves. Then they are bunched by 10 stems and placed with 100 stems total in a cask. Next, the Forsythias are placed 5 to 6 days outside the freezer to defrost. Then they are finally ready to send to their destination.

Forsythia Cutting | Holex Flower

The cutting of Forsythia on the field.


Forsythia Freezer | Holex Flower

The Forsythia are placed in the freezer where they will need a cold period of 6-8 weeks.


Frozen Forsythia | Holex Flower

The ice protects the flower buds on the branch.


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