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Wedding Trend 2019: Lush Greenery

Pantone’s Living Coral, Hanging Lush Greenery Decor, and Lush Greenery Arches! Wedding couples have set their sights to the new Lush Greenery Trend. Their ideal floral design ideas and which flowers they want to see at their wedding is truly life-changing. Get to know about this versatile Lush Greenery Wedding Trend and be inspired!

1: Pantone’s Living Coral Feels Empowering in a Lush Greenery Wedding.

Source: emmalovesweddings

Living Coral in a Lush Greenery Wedding positively inspired floral designers to come up with amazingly beautiful wedding ideas. In 2019, we have seen how this playful color grows into a remarkably powerful color theme and positively influence this Lush Greenery trend. This uprising wedding trend combined with Pantone’s Living Coral, will become a charming memory for wedding couples!

Flowers that you can use:

• Asparagus Setaceus
• Ruscus Hypophyllum
• Senecio Maritima New Look
• Alstroemeria Estee
• Celosia Smashing
• Dianthus Barbatus Sweet Will Coral
• Germini Pomponi Cupid
• Paeonia Coral Charm
• Rosa Romanza
• Paeonia Pink Hawaii Coral

2: Hanging Lush Greenery Decoration for a Natural Submerging Feeling

Source: Jason Mark Harris Photography

More wedding couples are filling the whole avenue with hanging Lush Greenery decorations in 2019. The table is not the only place to decorate it with flowers. Look up and discover amazing hanging Lush Greenery decorations above the tables at the avenue. Hanging Lush Greenery decorations are visually elevating any weddings in 2019!

Flowers and Greenery that you can use:

• Eucalyptus Cinerea
• Asparagus Setaceus
• Ruscus Aculeatus
• Calla Crystal White
• Rosa Avalanche

3: Cover an Impressive Arch in a Lush Greenery Theme

Source: Liz Baker Photography

An Arch is unmissable at any wedding. It feels like an entrance into a new phase of life. The perfect photo at the wedding will be even more impressive and memorable with an impressive Lush Greenery Arch theme. The natural Green color creates a smooth feeling to the arch. Wedding couples will definitely love a beautiful arch at their wedding. Decorate the arch with their desired flowers with Lush Greenery as a base, and the result will be breathtaking and picture-perfect.

Flowers that you can use:

• Spiraea Snowmound
• Eucalyptus Stuartiana
• Salal Extra Green Ocean
• Acacia Baileyana
• Lathyrus Sunshine White
• Rosa Spray Royal Porcelina
• Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi

More Lush Greenery Design Inspiration

More design inspiration for this wedding trend is available on our Pinterest. So visit our Pinterest mood board to get inspired! For any questions about product availability, please contact your Account Manager.

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