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What Flower Symbolizes Mother’s Day?

When gifting flowers, the meaning is of most importance. With all the different meanings it is no surprise that the Carnation is, therefore, the most preferred flower to give on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day and Carnations are inseparable. But why? And what do different colors Carnations mean? We’ll explain to you in this blog post!

The Origin of Mother’s Day

Anna Marie Jarvis is seen as the “founder” of Mother’s Day in the United States. Inspired by her mother who served wounded soldiers in the American Civil War, she wanted a way to remember her own deceased mother and all the others. Guess what the favorite flower of her mother was. Exactly! A Carnation!

In 1908, Anna held a memorial ceremony in a church in Grafton, West Virginia to honor all deceased mothers. She sent every attendant five hundred white Carnations. Since then, white Carnations are given or worn out of remembrance of a mother who is no longer living.

After years of dedication, Anna managed that Mother’s Day became a National Day in the United States in 1914. This quickly started the commercialization of white Carnations. The prices continued to increase and to meet the demand, red Carnations were introduced. These were given a different meaning. Opposite from the white Carnations, red Carnations represent the living mothers.

What Do Different Colors Carnations Mean?

The different colors of this beautiful cut flower all represent a different meaning.

Mother's Day Carnation | Holex Flower

• Pink Carnations represent gratitude and love.

• Light red Carnations signify admiration and adoration.

• Dark Red Carnations enunciate love and affection

• White carnations are traditional flowers to give or wear in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living.

Light Red Carnations for Mother’s Day

Did you know it is common in Japan to give red Carnations to mothers? A tremendous bicolored light red Carnation to show admiration is Carnation Cheerio.

Dark Red Carnations for Mother’s Day

Carnation Red Soho and Carnation Grand Slam are beautiful dark red Carnations that can be given out of love or to show that your partner is a good mother.

Pink Carnations for Mother’s Day

Pink is a more sweet and softer color than red. Some great-looking light pink varieties are Carnation Faith and Carnation Lege. If you’re looking for a more intense pink color than Carnation Bernard and Carnation Tonic Golem are excellent choices!

What Flower symbolizes Mother's Day | Holex Flower

White Carnations for Mother’s Day

Carnation Baltico and Carnation North Wind are stunning white varieties that are perfect as a symbol of remembrance to all mothers that are no longer among us.

So now you know what the different colors Carnations mean. Educate your customers with this information, and offer them in your Mother’s Day range!

Design Inspiration with Carnations

Looking for design inspiration with Carnations? Visit the Carnation section of our blog, and our Pinterest mood board for ideas!

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