Why You Should Try Dutch Masters Tulips

How to find the best quality Tulips to offer to your customers? When the Dutch Tulip season is starting, our webshop is quickly flooded with a wide range of Tulips in all sorts of colors, shapes, and grades. The Dutch Masters Tulip mixes become available as well. But you may think: why choose for Dutch Masters Tulips?

Dutch Masters Tulips: Top Quality Heavy-Graded Tulips

The answer is easy: when you order Dutch Masters Tulips, you ensure yourself to receive the best Tulips from Holland. Every week our buying team selects the most heavy-graded Tulip varieties to compose the two Dutch Master Tulips mixes Dutch Masters Finest and Dutch Masters Exclusives.

Dutch Master Tulips | Holex Flower

Dutch Masters Finest: Heavy-Graded Singles

This mix consists out of the best possible Single Tulip varieties that are available on the market. Each variety has a minimum stem length of 38 cm and a minimum weight of 38 grams. Tulip varieties which can be in the mix could be for example Tulip Antarctica, Tulip Arctic Flame, Choice, Bullit, or Lions Glory.

Dutch Masters Exclusives: Stunning Novelty Tulips

The Exclusives mix consists out of a selection of the most stunning, heavy-graded Novelty Tulips from Holland. These Tulips will also have a minimum stem length of 38 cm and a minimum weight of 38 grams.

With these Tulips, you will definitely surprise your customers! Parrot, Double, Frilled, and Lily-Flowered Tulip varieties which all look extraordinary: this is what you can expect when you order the Dutch Masters Exclusives mix. Varieties which could be in this mix are Tulip Secret Parrot, Cecilia, Indiana, Mascotte, Crown Dynasty, Queensday, or Homerun.

Order What You Need: Amazing Designer Boxes in Various Sizes

To make sure that everybody can enjoy the beauty of these beautiful Tulip mixes, we have developed three various box sizes to pack them. All boxes are decorated with a stunning Dutch Masters design, which makes it easy for you to tell your customers (and theirs!) the exciting history of Dutch Masters.

Available box sizes Dutch Masters Finest:

  • Full box: this box contains 250 stems, 2 x 12 varieties
  • Half box: this box contains 120 stems, 12 different varieties
  • Retail pack: this box contains 40 stems, 4 different varieties

Available box sizes Dutch Masters Exclusives:

  • Full box: this box contains 180 stems, 6 varieties per 30 stems in a wrapper
  • Half box: this box contains 90 stems, 9 different varieties

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