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23 Cloni Ranunculus Varieties to Discover and Order

Cloni Ranunculus are the most beautiful Ranunculus flowers available! The lush blooms with their countless delicate petals are a feast for the eye. Cloni Ranunculus is perfect to use in any kind of wedding decoration, but also in bohemian floral designs. You just have to put a few flowers in a flower crown, or as a focal flower in a (wedding) bouquet: your customers will be stunned! In this blog post, we’ll show you 23 of the most amazing Cloni Ranunculus varieties we offer in our Holland webshop range.

Wait, isn’t it Ranunculus Clooney?

While we understand that you would confuse these beauties with the charming actor, the names are spelled a little differently. The one promoting those delicious small cups of coffee has the extra “e” indeed, the flowers we’re talking about here have not.

Cloni Ranunculus Varieties: WOW!!

Stunning vintage pastel-colored Cloony Ranunculus varieties Hanoi, Rosa 418, and Blushing Pascal.
Stunning vintage pastel-colored Cloni Ranunculus varieties Hanoi, Rosa 418, and Blushing Pascal.
Match various Cloony varieties for a an exciting, contrasting look. Here you see Ranunculus Cloony Firenze, Cappucino, and Cherry
Match various Cloni varieties for an exciting, contrasting look. Here you see Ranunculus Cloony Firenze, Cappucino, and Cherry
Create a lovely romantic atmosphere with Cloony Ranunculi Commedia, Felicidade, and Blushing Pascal.
Create a lovely romantic atmosphere with Cloni Ranunculi Commedia, Felicidade, and Blushing Pascal.
  1. San Mauro – The soft, light pink color of San Mauro is very romantic.
  2. Rosa 418 –The vintage-looking Rosa 418 matches perfectly with Pantone’s Color of The Year 2019 Living Coral!
  3. Fragolini – If you want to go all out, then the hot coral-colored Fragolini cannot be left out!
  4. Blushing Pascal – A stunning peach-colored Cloni variety with a fresh-looking green-colored center.
  5. Nerone – Add a touch of elegant mystery with the contrasting darkish aubergine-colored blooms of Nerone.
  6. Bolero – When it is used in event decorations, the hot pink-colored Bolero definitely seduces to dance the night away.
  7. Tango – The tango dance symbolizes passion, and so is the so-called Ranunculus variety!
  8. Firenze – This amazing Ranunculus variety is named after Firenze, the white-haired Centaur we know from Harry Potter. A great story to tell to your customers if they opt for a magical wedding theme!
  9. Mambo – Mambo will certainly add a vibrant touch to any floral decoration.
  10. Cappucino – We’re just smitten by this gorgeous Cloni variety! Each creamy petal has a deep aubergine border. Amazing!
  11. Rosado – Rosado has a lovely pink color and a fresh, green center. Use it so you can freshen your design!
  12. Omega – Omega bursts out happiness! Perfect for adding a cheerful touch to floral decorations.
  13. Commedia – The light lemonish yellow color of Commedia is really distinctive. Matches great with white, yellow, and green flowers!
  14. Rio – Rio means “river” in Spanish, as you might already know. This Cloony Ranunculus will certainly bring a nice flow to your floral designs!
  15. Mandarino – Don’t be distracted by the size of Mandarino in the picture. When the petals open up, this orange-colored Ranunculus variety will shine!
  16. Elios – Elios looks like it’s on fire! The petals have slightly flamed patterns with multiple tones of orange which go from light to hard. Fantastic!
  17. Felicidade – Add an extra touch of sweetness with this loveable light yellow and pink-colored Cloni variety.
  18. Cherry – This plum-colored Cloni is stunning! Using it will bring contrast to your design, or mix it with various other purple-colored flowers. Success guaranteed!
  19. Hanoi – One of the all-time favorites in our range is Cloony Hanoi. The blush-colored Cloony blooms breathtakingly and because of its pastel, it is perfect for wedding decorations.
  20. Passion – If your customers want to spice up, use Cloony Passion! The deep dark red color of the countless petals is really something!
  21. Lambada – Lambada fits perfectly in festive floral decorations.
  22. Ceres – When Ceres’ bloom opens up, the fresh green center will be visible. Great for spring and summer designs!
  23. Grand Pastel – Last, but not least: Grand Pastel has an amazing distinctive color, which fits perfectly in bohemian, vintage, or boho-chic wedding designs!

Where to buy The Best Cloni Ranunculus?

Well, that’s a simple answer: in our webshop! Visit the Holland section, and see the current offers. For more information about availability and prices, contact your Account Manager or send us a message!

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