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Touch the world of Achillea! This flower gives a light touch of softness to your floral designs. With our high-quality Achillea Lilac Beauty, Achillea Moonshine, Achillea Paprika, and Achillea White Beauty, we intensify brilliant floral designs with Achillea. Holex offers a wide range of high-quality Achillea varieties in the webshop.


Achillea belongs in the family of Asteraceae. Linnaeus described Achillea as a genus of the Asteraceae family in 1753. This flower is native to Europe, North America, and the temperate zone of Asia. Achillea is known as ‘’Yarrow’’ or ‘’Milfoil’’ because this flower was named after the heroic Greek mythological character Achilles. According to Achilles’s legend, his soldiers treat their wounds with yarrow. Today, this flower is still used for medicinal uses.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

The tiny flowers at the head of the stem are filled with frilly leaves. The feathery appearance of the stem gives an amazing texture to bouquets. Achillea comes in a wide range of delightful colors. Popular Achillea colors for summer are pink, red, yellow, and white. The availability and quality of this flower is at its peak during summer


Achillea symbolizes healing and protection. It is the perfect flower to give someone your blessing of protection and thinking about the well-being of the person receiving this gift.

List of Varieties

• Star of Africa – The subtle pink color of this flower enhances the sweet look of the whole floral design.
• Million Star – This white-colored flower brings an innocent look to any spring floral arrangement.
• Star of Beauty – This beautiful flower is perfect for making your Mother’s Day bouquet a star!
• Star of Love -A starlike Astrantia with a soft red color brings out the true beauty of floral design.
• Star of Promise – With this stunning flower, you can inspire your customers to create a charming floral design for Mother’s Day.

  • Achillea Liekio – This hot pink color blends great in an adventurous pink bouquet.
  • Achillea Lilac Beauty – This flower looks astonishing in a floral summer design with vibrant colored flowers.
  • Achillea Bubblegum – The uplifting shade of Bubblegum surely catch the attention of your customers when you mix this flower in a true pink bouquet.
  • Achillea Moneymaker – Use this flower with a pastel color palette in your floral arrangement to achieve a delightful spring look.
  • Achillea Moonshine – This vibrant flower enhances the summer look in your floral design.
  • Achillea Paprika – A true eye-catcher! This red-colored Achillea enriches the sophisticated feel of your floral summer arrangement.
  • Achillea Rednek – This rich red will make your customers fall in love again when you include this flower in a bouquet with warm colors.
  • Achillea White Beauty – Just a shade away from pure innocent white. Perfect for a fresh summer floral arrangement with warm colored flowers with amazing textures.

Design Suggestions

This charming flower looks delightful with natural green and white colors. Mix Achillea White Beauty with blush-colored roses, viburnums, white-colored Carnations, and greenery for a natural fresh floral arrangement. Also, Achillea Paprika and Achillea Lilac Beauty are boldly romantic in a vibrant colored floral design.

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water. Place the flowers in sunlight.

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