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Allium Wholesale Guide

Take a step into the world of Allium. This beautiful flower gives energy to your floral design! With our stunning Allium Gladiator, Allium Dutchman, and Mount Everest, we enhance the playful look of any floral arrangement. Also, Alliums in the summer are absolutely stunning in floral summer designs. We offer a wide range of high-quality varieties in our webshop.


Welcome to the onion family. Allium has many different names such as Ornamental Onion, Garlic, Leek, Chive, and Shallot. Allium’s Latin name means Garlic, and Linnaeus, a Swedish Botanist, described the genus Allium due to the distinctive odor of the flower in 1753. The impressive Allium is one of the fifty-seven genera of flowering plants with more than 800 species recorded to date. Therefore, Allium is known as the largest genus in the family of Amaryllidaceae.

Symbolism of Allium

This flower symbolizes unity, good fortune, prosperity, humility, and patience. The most fitting flower to wish someone good luck for anything he or she does. The perfect flower for someone starting a business or doing something significantly important for them!

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

A wide range of Allium varieties is available from late spring to summer. Summer is the period when the most varieties are available. Purple might be the most common color for Allium. But this flower is also available in white and green. Normally, this flower forms an umbel at the head of a leafless stalk. The flower head is usually globe-shaped and the tiny flowers in the head are generally star-shaped. However, Alliums with different head shapes exist too.

Allium Varieties

  • Dutchman – A soft purple color of this flower adds a layer of sweetness to your floral designs.
  • Giganthemum – The vibrant color of Gigantemum will brighten your floral spring arrangement.
  • Gladiator – This light purple-colored Allium effortlessly blends nicely in your Mother’s Day bouquet.
  • Globemaster – This deep-colored purple flower brings some stunning textures to your floral arrangements.
  • Mount Everest – A white-colored variety will soften the feeling of any floral design to create harmony.
  • Pinball Wizard – A fluffy globe-shaped flower head can bring out smooth floral designs
  • Purple Sensation – So rich in color that it will bring out the beauty in your floral arrangements.
  • Sicculum – This flower is known as ‘Honey Garlic’ and has some unique tiny hanging flowers on the head. This shape will make your floral design very lovely.
  • Spaerocephal – Also known as “Bullit”. The round-headed shape of this flower inspires your customers to create some bold and wild designs.

Design Combinations

This versatile flower blends well with soft colors such as light pink, lavender, blush, light blue, green, and white. They fit great in minimalistic modern floral arrangements. Make a lovely mix with Calla Lilies, Roses, Eucalyptus and Gypsophila for a delightful look.

For more design inspiration with Allium, visit our Pinterest mood board!

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water. To ensure the best condition for Allium, you should place them in a site where sunlight shines on the flowers all day. This flower requires very low maintenance, but you need to water it regularly.

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