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Amaranthus is also known as Love-lies-bleeding or just Amaranth. This cut flower can add a real tropical vibe to your floral design.

Amaranthus Yearming Desert Cream | Holex Flower


This flower is  part of the family Amaranthaceae. The name is derived from the Greek language. The Greek word  “amárantos’’ means ‘’unfading’’ and ‘’ánthos’’ means ‘’flower’’. Surprisingly, the grains of this flower are edible, nutritional and a great source of protein. The Aztecs cultivated and consumed several Amaranthus species during the Aztec Empire for its nutritional value. In many parts of the world the plant of the Amaranthus is grown as vegetable. In Europe, the vegetable is used as a replacement for gluten.


Amaranthus symbolizes immortality. Include this flower in your floral design to convey an unending love.

Amaranthus red and green | Holex Flower

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Amaranthus is available in two different shapes. An upright “standing” variety and the more known “hanging” variety. The flowers on the hanging variety look like drooping spikes. The most common colors are red, white and green. Dried Amaranthus is also available.

Design Suggestions

Combine Amaranthus with Lily La Eyeliner, Anthurium Adina, Delphinium El Centurion White, and Dahlia Polar Ice for a fresh natural look. Dried flowers are currently very popular. The dried Amaranthus is a great flower to use in a dried flower bouquet or to mix with other flowers.

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water. The water level in the vase should be good if most of the stems are submerged. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the flowers away from fruit and draft.

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