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Amaryllis design in a frameAmaryllis, also known as Hippeastrum, originally comes from Central America and the Caribbean. The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word ‘amarussein’, what means sparkling. This beautiful flower is part of the Daffodil family, and like the whole family, it grows from a flower bulb.

There are several stories about how the the flowers got its name. The best known is a story out of the Greek mythology. The girl Amaryllis was so in love with a sheep shepherd that she injured herself on purpose with an arrow. She did this because of Alteo; the shepherd only had eye for flowers.  At the spot where her blood touched the ground a beautiful flower grew, and this flower was called Amaryllis. The name Hippeastrum means ‘knight star’, Hippie means knight and Astron means star in Greek. The name is probably a reference to the shape of the flowers of the plant. The flower is also known under the name Naked Lady because a flower without leaves looks like a lady without clothes!


Amaryllis Close up of the stemThis flower symbolizes pride and beauty. The perfect flower to show affection for example at a graduation ceremony or to thank someone. If you are giving an Amaryllis, you are always giving a significant gesture.

Colors, Availability, and Design Suggestions

Although the flower, on a small scale, is year-round available. The peak of this flower is in the autumn and winter months. Everybody knows the red Amaryllis, but there are a lot more colors, for example, striped white-green, salmon, white, green, pink and orange. What a beauty, different shades of Amaryllis in one bouquet. Other combinations:

  • Amaryllis, Ilex branches, and Eucalyptus Cinerea.
  • Amaryllis, Rose, Trachelium, Salal, and Eustoma.
  • Amaryllis, Lilac, Ranunculus, Viburnum, and Leucadendron.

Amaryllis Christmas Design Shop Care Tips

Check the flowers when you receive them, inspect the flowers for any damage. Cut the stems and put them in clean water.

For designers: use a high vase because of the long stems. Are the stems hollow? Then you can place a stick in the stem to support the flowers.

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