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Anemone Mistral Varieties: Bigger, Better, and Breathtaking!

Are you on the lookout for some real eye-catching flowers to offer your customers for their floral designs? Mistral Anemones are the biggest and most beautiful Anemones available in our Holland webshop! In this blog post we’ll show you eight fabulous Anemone Mistral varieties that we offer.

Visit our Pinterest mood board to get inspiration on how to use these wonderful flowers in your floral designs. We have a vast palette of colors available, which all fit perfectly in today’s design trends!

Anemone Mistral Blue: Add Some Contrast!

When your customers are looking for sparkling flowers, this Mistral variety is a flower to suggest! The intriguing cool violet color of the petals match great with other violet colored flowers, like Monkshood, Clematis Amazing Oslo, or Lisianthus Alissa Blue. In combination with other colors you can use it as well as a perfect contrasting color.

Anemone Mistral Celeste: A Watercolor Masterpiece

Celeste looks like a watercolor masterpiece! Indigo and white are mixed beautifully in the bicolored petals. When the flower opens up, the big black heart becomes visible. Celeste is excellent to use in combination with white, purple or blue flowers. It has a dreamy look, and fits perfectly in romantic designs.

Anemone Mistral Cenere: Boho-Chic Beauty

Will the boho chic wedding trend ever fade away? Social media channel like Pinterest and Instagram are still flooded with wedding pictures where we can see bohemian spirited dresses, décors and floral designs. Cenere is THAT flower that will aw every bride! The enormous pale pink Anemone Mistral variety can be combined great with pale pinks, purples and whites. However, matches also perfect with deeper colors, like aubergine or bordeaux!

Anemone Mistral Cerise: Perfect for A Loving Touch

When this Mistral variety opens up, the hot cerise-colored petals slightly become more pale cerise. A perfect tone to add to pastel-colored designs to spice things up! Cerise matches amazingly with purples and pinks, and will add an extra dimension to your color palette. This beautiful bloom can be used in designs for all kinds of occasions: from a loving Valentine’s Day bouquet to a romantic wedding boutonniere.

Anemone Mistral Magenta: Fluorescent Power!

It looks like if the petals of Mistral Magenta are almost fluorescent! The vibrant warm pinkish purple color of this Anemone variety is really something! We dare you to combine these Anemones with flowers in the Pantone’s Color of The Year 2019 Living Coral: this will be a superb match.

Anemone Mistral Red: Outburst of Passion

Mistral Red is on fire!! The hot red petals of this variety are colored white at the bloom center, and this looks fantastic in combination with the black heart. You will surely gain extra credits for passionate designing when adding these beauties to decorations! Mistral Red matches great with Carnation Red Soho, Red Gloriosa, or, if you dare, with Monstera Leafs painted Flock Red.

Anemone Mistral Violet: Spot-On The Jewel Tone Color Trend

The name of this variety may be a bit misleading, because Mistral Violet’s petals are colored aubergine (or eggplant). Alternatively, if you want to hook up with the latest wedding trend to use as many jewel color tones, it looks like a deep, rich amethyst color. A perfect thing to tell your customers, since amethyst symbolizes luxury and royalty.

Anemone Mistral White: Romance All The Way

White symbolizes purity, goodness, and perfection, and that is precisely what Mistral White describes best! An enormous Mistral Anemone variety with creamy (slightly blushed) petals and a dark, warm colored heart. Mistral white matches perfectly with other white or light cream flowers, and the complete palette of pink colors. Surprise your customers with these spectacular flowers!

Where to Order The Best Anemone Mistral Varieties?

Well, that’s a simple answer: in our webshop! Visit the Holland section, and see the current offers. For more information about availability and prices, contact your Account Manager or send us a message!

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