Anemone Varieties, Availability and Origin 101

Anemones | Holex FlowerDon’t you just love Anemones? When the petals open up, each flower is a true beauty! But there are so many Anemone varieties,  and pictures can’t tell all… What is what, and when is it available? Which colors are available, and where do they come from?

We understand that buying flowers online – from the other side of the world! – can be challenging. Certainly when you have orders to fill, and colors must be exactly met. You don’t want to disappoint your customers, or worse, to upset a bride on her most important day!

At Holex, we stand for high-quality flowers. Our buyers select their growers very secure and only accept the highest quality products. Every stem is inspected thoroughly by our Quality, Picking and Packing teams to ensure that you receive your flowers in the best possible conditions. Especially with Anemones, this is very important, because they are very delicate flowers!

We’d love to tell you all about the different varieties that our webshop offers, so you can expand your knowledge, pass it on, and assist your customers by making the right floral choice for their designs!

Anemone Marianne Panda | Holex FlowerAnemone Marianne & Anemone Mona Lisa

These lovely Anemone varieties are also known as Anemone Coronaria.  They are almost year-round available: from August to May you enjoy these beauties. They are grown in Holland, Israel, France, and Italy, and the color palette in which Marianne’s and Mistrals are available is red, white, blue, and purple. The white variety is called ‘Panda’; because of the dark heart in the middle of the creamy, white petals, it looks like a little panda bear!

Both the Marianne as the Mona Lisa Anemones are also available assorted and mixed per bunch, with various colors.

Anemone Mistral Cenere | Holex FlowerAnemone Mistral

Mistral Anemones are grown in the sunny Italy and France, and available from October to March. These are the flowers you see all over Pinterest and Instagram: very popular with brides and floral designers. There are numerous varieties available, but because we stand for delivering you the highest quality possible, we have a well-thought selection available in our webshop:

  • Anemone Mistral Blue – these deep blue, almost a bit purplish flowers match Pantone’s Color of the Year Ultra Violet perfectly!
  • Anemone Mistral Celeste – with bicolored white, lavender and blue petals. Each petal looks like a water colored piece of art!
  • Anemone Mistral Cenere – each Cenere Anemone has a different shade of warm purple, from deep burgundy to light pastel lavenders. If you are looking for a bohemian, romantic flower, this is it!
  • Anemone Mistral Cerise – like the name already discovers these beauties have amazing cerise colored petals. They match well with pinks and purples in all kinds of shades.
  • Anemone Mistral Tigre – Tigres are gorgeous bicolored fresh light green and red flowers. The pattern on the petals looks a bit like a tiger print.
  • Anemone Mistral Shocking – The petals of Shocking Anemones are colored pinkish red on the inside, and creamy yellowish light green on the outside.
  • Anemone Mistral Violet – the petals of the Violet Mistral flowers are só deep purple, they almost look black! They light up a bit when they are in the vase for several days. Perfect if you are going for a mysterious look, or if you are looking for a flower that will bring some contrast into your design.
  • Anemone Mistral White – do not be fooled by the name: white does not mean completely white! Some of the Mistral Whites have a touch of light pink, and therefore they look super romantic.

Mistral Anemone varieties are available in three quality levels: standard, extra, and super. And trust us: they are breathtakingly beautiful! Our buyers look really thoroughly at the quality level and size of the flower to be sure that the quality levels which are mentioned in our webshop are correct.

Anemone Fullstar Red | Holex FlowerAnemone Fullstar

Fullstar Anemones are double-flowered Anemone varieties: unlike the other varieties they have numerous petals and look really fluffy when they open op. They are produced in Israel from December to February, and in France from January to March.

Fullstars are available in (creamy) white, red, blue and cerise, and also available assorted.

Check our webshop regularly for the current offerings! If you have any questions regarding Anemones, please contact us.