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There are loads of amazing flower varieties out there for your customers. But if you are looking for a flower that adds some sparkle to the symbolism of a floral arrangement, Astrantia might be the one you need. With Million Star, Star of Beauty, Star of Love, Star of Africa, and Star of Promise, we deepen the meaning of any bouquet. Holex offers a wide range of high-quality Astrantia varieties in the webshop.


Flowerwiki Astrantia | Holex Flower

There are around nine specifies of Astrantia, divided through Europe and Western Asia. The flower needs humid mountain forests and mountain pastures to grow. Astrantia is also known under the name Star herb and Masterwort. Star herb is a reference to the Latin name of the flower; Aster means translated “star.” The flowers of the Astrantia have delicate, star-shaped flowers. If you see, and in a specific feel, the flower you notice the straw-herb structure. It’s a fragile flower, but it also has a rough appearance. Astrantia is a symbol of courage, strength, and protection.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

These popular summer flowers are recognizable by their color palette. White, green-white, old pink, purple and dark red. The darker colors have almost a gothic appearance, with black stems and red-purple flower buds. The flowers are suitable for drying, for a bouquet, or in a frame. The flowers are year-round available.

List of Varieties

Astrantia Varieties | Holex Flower

Star of Africa – The subtle pink color of this flower enhances the sweet look of the whole floral design.
Million Star – This white-colored flower brings an innocent look to any floral arrangement.
Star of Beauty – This beautiful flower is perfect for making your bouquet a star!
Star of Love -A starlike Astrantia with a soft red color brings out the true beauty of the floral design.
Star of Promise – With this stunning flower, you can inspire your customers to create a charming floral design.

Design Suggestions

This beautiful flower doesn’t get the fame it deserves. Because of its romantic appearance, the flower is popular during the wedding season. Dare to combine with Astrantia, and make a purple bouquet with Astrantia, Anemone, Alstroemeria, Aster, and Monstera leaves. Or take a glass vase with only Astrantia flowers, one color, or combine different colors. The flowers are easy to mix, and they fit in every style.

Shop Care Tips

When you receive the flowers check the buds, those should not be crushed or shattered. The flowers should be already a little bit open. Cut the stems gently with a knife, use a clean vase or bucket. The flowers produce ethylene, so don’t put them together with flowers that are sensitive to this.

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