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Bouvardia | Holland Wholesale Flowers | Holex FlowerThis beautiful flower is part of the Rubiaceae family, and there are around thirty species. Almost all of them originally come from Mexico, North- and Central America. This evergreen and flowering shrub is named after the French doctor Charles Bouvard(1572–1658), warden of the Jardin du Roi in Paris and physician to King Louis XIII.

The flower grows traditionally in a bush and has trumpet-shaped flowers, which are growing in clusters. Thanks to this, each stem is a small bouquet on its own. The shape of the flower gives Bouvardia the names Trumpetellia and Hummingbird flower. Some species are having a characteristic fragrance similar to Jasmine.  The plant was actually forgotten in the 1800s until a Dutch breeder began breeding again twenty years ago.  And from there the Bouvardia began its march upwards.


Bouvardia flowers represent enthusiasm and versatility. Thanks to this, it’s the perfect gift for people with a lust for life. Do you want to give some sparkling flowers, choose Bouvardia!

Bouvardia | Fresh Holland Flowers | Holex FlowerColors, Shapes, and Availability

There are two types of Bouvardia flowers: single and double. This indicates the number of petals. With single flowers, you can look into the heart when the flower flourishes. With double flowers, you don’t see the heart because of the extra row petals. Depending on the specie the flower petals can have different shapes, round or more star-shaped. In nature, the flowers bloom between May and October, as a cut flower the Bouvardia is year-round available. The flowers are known for their striking colors; hot pink, coral, burgundy, champagne, soft pink, peach, white and green are the most common colors.

Design Combinations with Bouvardia

Bouvardia is a  popular flower by florists. Each Bouvardia has a crown of little flowers and when they open up, they bring a lot of color into each design. Bouvardia is also an excellent flower to use in floral wedding designs, like bridal bouquets, corsages or centerpieces. The flower is easy to combine with other romantic flowers like, for example, Rose, Astilbe, Freesia, Asclepias, or Nerine.

All About Bouvardia | Bouvardias | Holex FlowerIf you are looking for a trendy combination of soft green colors, then go for white Bouvardia, Eryngium, different types of Eucalyptus and Lisianthus. Or go for a late summer look with champagne-colored Bouvardia, Dianthus, Protea, and Delphinium.

Shop Care Tips

Check flowers and stems when you are receiving the flowers. Cut the flowers with a sharp knife and put the flowers in clean water with flower food. Bouvardia flowers drink a lot, so make sure that you use a good amount of water. If you use a lot of Bouvardias in a bouquet, then always add flower food with the bouquet for the vase. If you do this, Bouvardia will have a great vase life.

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