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Butterfly Ranunculus and Ranunculus Romance

Ranunculus Butterfly and Ranunculus Romance are available again in our webshop. Reason to put these two very special varieties from the Dutch grower Monarch Flower in the spotlight.

For more about Ranunculus, also read our Ranunculus Flowers 101 post.

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The growing process

Ranunculus Butterfly

Are you already familiar with Butterfly Ranunculus? These gorgeous flowers fit perfectly in bohemian and rustic looking floral designs!

Ranunculus Butterfly was bred by the Japanese company Aya Engei. The variety has a long vase life and is characterized by the unique singular flower structure. Stems can carry up to 12 flowers each. The flower petals have a tiny layer of wax, giving them a sparkling appearance and helping to boost their longevity.

Ranunculus Butterfly Europe

How It’s Grown

We brought a visit to the nursery of Monarch Flowers in Holland, to see how those wonderful flowers grow. Do you want to know more about the growing process of Ranunculus in general? Keep scrolling, because at the end of this page you’ll find even more videos that show the growing process of Monarch Flowers.

Share this video with your customers and inform them about this great product! For our current Butterfly Ranunculus offerings, visit our webshop.

Ranunculus Romance

This variety also originates from the floral artists at Aya Engei. Characteristic for Ranunculus Romance are the large flowers and strong, long stems. Just like the Butterfly Ranunculus, Romance has a very good vase life.

Ranunculus St. Tropez

Ranunculus Romance St. Tropez

What a bright yellow color! This is just perfect for Easter and spring.

Ranunculus Maillane

Ranunculus Romance Maillane

This Ranunculus might be slightly smaller than Courchevel but it is just as impressive! The petals look like they are made of silk.

Ranunculus Get Lucky

Ranunculus Romance Get Lucky

The deep red color of Get Lucky breathes romance, passion and excitement.

Ranunculus Courchevel

Ranunculus Romance Courchevel

A bright white variety with a very large flower and firm stem. Great for wedding or modern floral designs.

Ranunculus Romance variety up close
Another Ranunculus Romance variety

Monarch Flower’s Growing Process

To give you an even better idea about how their Ranunculus are grown, they made a selection of videos showcasing their growing process.

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