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Calla Care Tips for Wholesale Florists

Calla Lilies are beautiful cut flowers which come in many colors: white, red, yellow, pink, orange, green, black and multi colored. When Calla Lilies arrive at your wholesale company, you want to make sure that they stay in perfect condition. To achieve this, we’ve created a list of Calla Lily care tips for wholesale florists that will help you to keep the Calla Lilies in top shape. If you’re looking for high quality Calla Lilies than make sure to visit our webshop or to contact your account manager.

  1. Cleaning a cask

    Choose a cask that fits with the height of the Calla Lilies Clean it thoroughly. Make sure there aren’t any leftovers from previous flowers.

    Clean a cask is the first step

  2. Filling the cask

    Fill the cask with a little fresh, clean and cold water. Make sure there is just enough water for the stems to touch the water. Too much water will make the stems become slimy very fast.

  3. Add Flower Food

    Make sure to add flower food to the water. Flower food keeps the flowers in a better condition and increases the vase life.

  4. Cut stems if necessary

    Unpack the flowers and cut, if necessary, the stems a little and remove any stems that have become slimy. Do this with a sharp and clean knife.

  5. Storing the Callas

    Place the Calla Lilies in the casks and store them in a cold area. 39 ℉ / 4℃ is preferred, with a maximum of 46 ℉ / 8 ℃. Keep the flowers away from the draft and keep them out of the sunlight. Calla Lilies are also sensitive for ethylene, so keep fruit and vegetables away from your cooler.

Calla from Holex Flower

At Holex Flower we only offer the best quality Calla Lilies. With these care tips you can ensure that your Calla Lilies stay in the best condition. If you’re interested in our large range of high quality Calla Lilies, make sure to contact your account manager or visit our webshop to order.

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