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Calla Lily


Purple Calla Lilly in grey vases

Rarely a flower is known by so many different names. Besides Calla Lily, we also know the flower under the names Calla, Zantedeschia, Arum Aethiopicum, and Arum Lily. The latter name refers to the origin of the flower and the shape (calyx) of the flower. The name Zantedeschia comes from the Italian botanist G. Zantedeschi (1773 – 1846). It’s discoverer, Kurt Sprengel (1766–1833), called it like this as a tribute. Calla refers to the Greek word for beautiful, and also Aethiopicum has a Greek origin and means ‘sunbathed.’


In addition to the many names, the flower also has various symbols. Since ancient times the flowers are known as mascots. Because of the calyx shape of the flower, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated the flower with fun and partying. Besides this, the flower stands for beauty, purity, and innocence. One of the more famous colors is the white Calla Lily. This color is widely used in funeral bouquets but is also popular in wedding bouquets.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Calla color and varieties

Due to its wide range of colors, the flower is well applicable throughout the year. In spring, the flowers are lighter in color (such as white, pink and light purple), in autumn the darker shades (like yellow, orange, dark purple and red) are more popular. In the summer there is a wide range of colors available, partly because field-grown Calla Lilies are also available in large numbers.

Design Combinations

You can combine this flower with an endless number of other flowers. Calla Lilies add shape to a bouquet and a modern look. They match very well with Lisianthus, Roses, and Lilies if you are going for a luxurious look. Or with a mix of various greens like Phlebodium, Leatherleaf, and Eucalyptus. But also don’t forget the beauty of a monochrome Calla Lily bouquet (with only one variety, or a mix of types, and colors).

Shop care tips

Calla Flowers

When the flowers arrive, check the stems. They need to stand firm, and not slack or slimy. Cut the stems a little bit and hydrate them (with flower food). Put the flowers in a clean vase or bucket, to avoid slimy stems. Calla Lilies can be kept best in the cooler. The end of the stems can curl a bit. Photosynthesis causes this. Avoid this by using an opaque vase or bucket.

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