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Celosia colors and varietiesCelosia is part of the Amaranthus family (Amaranthaceae) and is native to the subtropical in America, Africa, and Asia. Celosia is derived from the Greek word kelos, which means translated burning. Probably a reference to the plume-shaped flowers that resemble a flame in some varieties. Celosias are relatively modern flowers, although leaves of the species have been used as food in India and Africa for several hundred years.

There are three types of Celosia flowers:

  • Plumosa group: this flower has a big plume consisting out of different thin feathers together.
  • Cristata group: the most characteristic, because of the striking appearance of the flower head. There are two types; the cockscomb (rooster’s comb) and brain type.
  • Spicata group: The flower consists of several needles/spears, which are together one big tail.


Orange, yellow and purple CelosiaUncomplicated addiction is the general symbolism of this cutflower. The popular colors have their own symbolism:

  • Red and pink = passion, vitality, and lust.
  • Orange = creativity, boldness, and spirit.
  • Yellow = happiness and peace.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Celosia is known for her beautiful bright colors, the assortment contains many attractive colors. Actually, the only color not available is black. Thanks to the three types of Celosia there is enough choice in shapes, and you can give a certain shape to your bouquet. It depends on the variety, but in general, the flowers are available during spring, summer, and fall.

Yellow Celosia Design Combinations

Popular as filler in bouquets and centerpieces, but also beautiful on their own. The speaking colors make the Celosia easy to combine, in every style and in almost every season. Choose your own gems, which fits in your flower arrangement. Go for romance, with pink Celosia, white Dahlia, Piano spray Roses, Alchemilla and some Salal leaves. Or for a wedding bouquet, with Celosia, Bouvardia, Freesia, and Phlox. Or choose to combine softer colors, with Celosia, Ranunculus, Chamelaucium, Ornithogalum, Veronica and Eucalyptus Silver Dollar.

Shop Care Tips

Check the flowers and stems when you receive them, they should be firm and well-hydrated. Celosia flowers are big drinkers (especially uncooled), in the shop and at home. Cut the stems with a sharp knife and put them in clean water with flower food. Store the flowers in the cooler.

A visit to Celosia grower Feiko Sonneveld

Are you curious how your Celosia is being grown? We visited Celosia grower Feiko Sonneveld and made this video impression. Check it out!

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