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Such a romantic flower, the Clematis! We all know it as a garden plant, but also as a cut flower, Clematis will conquer the hearts of your customers quickly! The fierce blooms come in various shades of purple and fit perfectly in a lot of design styles. Holex offers a great range of Clematis varieties, like Amazing Oslo, Blue Pirouette and Star River. In this blog post, you will learn all about these stunning products!

Clematis Varieties at Holex

At Holex, we offer a fantastic range of Clematis varieties in a palette of purple shades. Visit our webshop to see the current offerings!

Clematis Amazing London

Amazing London has a pastel-toned lilac color and matches perfectly with flowers like Spray Rose Mikado, Syringa Dark Koster, and Lisianthus Carice Lavender.

Clematis Amazing Oslo

The blooms of Amazing Oslo have a deep, cool blueish purple color. They can be combined perfectly with flowers colored in all shades of blue and purple. Or just it as a contrasting flower between pastel tones!

Clematis Amazing Rome

Amazing Rome has lavender colored blooms, slightly darker than Amazing London. Needless to say that these flowers will fit outstandingly in bohemian chic floral designs!

Clematis Blue Pirouette

Blue Pirouette is a bi-colored lavender and purple variety. We think that the name of this beauty is derived from the look of the blooms when they open up: it seems as if the petals are slowly doing a pirouette!

Clematis Inspiration

Hence the name, this Clematis variety will give a lot of floral designers some floral inspiration! The Cerise colored blooms are a feast for the eye. They match amazingly with flowers like Anemone Marianne Orchid, Genista Cerise, and Ranunculus Pon Pon Fanny.

Clematis Star River

Star River is another fabulous bicolored Clematis variety. A cool lavender combined with a pale, light lavender boarding on each bloom petals makes this a remarkable flower. Great to use in wedding flower designs!

Clematis: Mental Beauty

The symbolism of Clematis is an intriguing one: this flower stands for mental beauty and ingenuity! As a garden plant, Clematis climbs up trellises and walls, sometimes in an incomprehensible way, and that is probably why the flower got its nice meaning.

New Kid on The Block

Did you now that Clematis as a cut flower is kind of a new kid on the block, compared to lots of other available cut flowers? It is only available as from 2006! Clematis is a family member of the Ranunculus and Anemone. There are more than 250 Clematis species, most of them are garden plants. The name Clematis means literally “a climbing plant” in ancient Greek.

Care Tips for Clematis

When your flowers arrive, put them in a clean bucket with fresh, cold, water. Add universal flower food to the water. Put the bucket in a cool place.

When using Clematis for designs, make sure the stems have been in cold water for at least 24 hours. This ensures that the flowers can be put in a warmer area and still have a good vase life. Place the design in a light area, but not in direct sunlight. When you treat your Clematis flowers correct, they will last 10-12 days.

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