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Craspedia is also known as Billy Balls, Drumstick or Billy Buttons. It is native to New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. With 17 of the 23 species it is most present in Australia.


The Craspedia stands symbol for good health. Just like many flowers, the name comes from the Greek. “Kraspedon” means “edging” which is a referral to the silver and feathery foliage that grows at the beginning of the stems.

Colors, Shapes and Availability

The Craspedia cannot be missed with its bright yellow ball on a long and strong stem. It is year-round available. There are also painted Craspedia in every color. Especially around Christmas there are endless varieties that are painted and glittered.

Design Suggestions

Craspedia is a very versatile flower to use in designs. It looks great as additive in bouquets, but also with a few stems in a single vase. It can be used in centerpieces, table pieces, wedding arrangements and corsages. The possibilities are endless. If you want to dry the flowers than hang them upside down in a dark and warm place.

Shop Care Tips

Check the flowers for any damage when you receive them. Cut the stems diagonally approx. a half an inch from the bottom and place in fresh, cool water. Craspedia are great as dried flowers aswell and are not sensitive to ethylene. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat and be sure to change the water every 1-2 days.

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