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Yellow Cymbidium interior

The Orchid family counts more than forty varieties; they are all family of the Cymbidium. Many Orchids need the tropical heat to grow, but not Cymbidium. Originally this flower comes from the Himalayas, where the flower grew at high altitude. On this rocky soil and with cold temperatures the plant is doing well. Due to these circumstances, the Cymbidium plant has developed strong cut flowers with a long vase life.


The name of Cymbidium has its origin out of the shape of the flowers because they look like small boats. If you remove the stem or cut the flowers free, you can float the flowers on water. In China, but also in other countries, the flower symbolizes friendship and is popular at weddings.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Cymbidium Colors

Cymbidium got a funny season. When the days get shorter, this plant is going to bloom: the opposite of most flowers. The season of this flower is from October to June. The most famous color is white. This color is often used at weddings and funerals. Next to white the flower is also available in yellow, orange, green, pink, red and brown.

Design Combinations

Because of its exotic and luxurious appearance, and the long vase life, Cymbidium is an attractive cut flower. Nice to combine with other flowers like Celosia, Calla Lily, Rose, and Amaryllis. Or go for a tropical look with different colors of Cymbidium in a bouquet.

Shop Care Tips

White Cymbidium

Check the flowers on any damage when you receive them. The flowers are supplied in tubes of water; you can store the flowers in these tubes. Check the water level regularly.

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