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Daffodil Flowers 101 | Varieties, Availability, Care & Ordering

Daffodil, or Narcissus, is one of the most famous flowers from the Netherlands. This unique flower is embedded in our culture, and we like to tell you all that you need to know about it!

From white to nude pink and all tones of yellow, big-headed to delicate spray varieties: there is a Daffodil for every floral design!

In addition to the yellow Daffodils that we all know, there are many more colors and shapes available. Holex Flower offers a great range of breathtaking varieties. Learn all about them and surprise your customers with these beautiful flowers!

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How It’s Grown

Varieties, Colors, and Shapes

Care Tips

The Story and Symbolism of Daffodil

Fun Facts


Daffodils are known as a spring flower, and many people associate the flowers with Easter. But the Daffodil (officially known as Narcissus) is so much more! The flowers are available from December until April in our webshop.

How it’s grown

Are you curious about how the Daffodils that you order are being grown? We visited one of our growers and made this video. Enjoy!

Field Grown Daffodils From the U.K.

A Visit to Dutch Daffodil Grower WF Leenen

Varieties, Colors, and Shapes

There are many different varieties of Daffodils. Below you can find the most popular, and some of our personal favorites!

Trumpet Daffodils

Daffodil Narcissus information

The Trumpet Daffodil is probably the best-known kind to the public. Trumpets only carry one flower per stem, and they have an eye-catching cup which usually is as long or even longer than the petals of the bloom.

In our webshop, you can find spectacular Trumpet Daffodil like:

  • Daffodil Dutch Master – golden-yellow petals and large golden-yellow cup
  • Daffodil Las Vegas – broad white petals and a lemon-yellow pleated and ruffled cup

Large Cup Daffodils

These one-headed Daffs have big blooms and striking cups, and they have a wide variety of colors and shapes. The cups have different shapes, for example, ruffles or bowl-shaped, and the color of the cup can differ from the color of the petals These Daffs are in general a bit smaller compared to the Trumpet varieties.

Visit our webshop and see beautiful Large Cup Daffs like:

  • Daffodil Gigantic Star – yellow petals and large yellow cup
  • Daffodil Carlton – pale yellow petals and a large deeper yellow-colored cup
  • Daffodil Ice Follies – cream white colored petals and a flat, frilled lemony yellow cup
  • Daffodil Pink Pride – light cream white petals and an apricot cup. When it matures, the cup will color slowly to coral pink
  • Daffodil Johan Strauss – white petals and a small , frilled orange cup

Double Daffodils

As the name already reveals, these Daffodil varieties differ from their family members! Double Daffs have multiple outer petals and don’t have cups, but they have a center filled with petals.

If you are looking for eye-catching Double Daffodil varieties, search our webshop for:

  • Daffodil Tahiti – Large double flower with rich golden outer petals and multiple layers of orange-red inner petals
  • Daffodil Dick Wilden – Large double flower with primrose-yellow outer petals and multiple layers of rich gold colored inner petals

Tazetta Daffodils

These Daffodil family members are spray Daffs (with 3 to 20 blooms per stem!) and have short cups. Tazetta’s are delicate, but they compensate this with their really nice fragrance.

Tazetta varieties which you can find in our webshop, are:

  • Daffodil Ziva Paperwhite – spray variety with small flowers, white petals and white cups
  • Daffodil Bridal Crown – spray variety with small flowers, off-white petals and bright yellow cups

Daffodil Care Tips

If you put the flower on water or cut them, the flower buds will develop and open up. You can store the flower dry and cool. Are you going to use Daffodils in combination with other flowers in a bouquet? Then first put the Daffodils separate in a bucket or vase. You should do this because the first hours the Daffodils can damage other flowers because of a substance coming out of the stems.

Design Inspiration

Are you looking for some creative ways to showcase Daffodils to your customers? Are you seeking to create a stunning arrangement to catch the eye of passersby? Or do you need to make a centerpiece for a hotel lobby? We got you covered! Here are some videos on how to make flower arrangements including Daffodils, to get your creativity going.

Click here for a spring centerpiece tutorial

Here you learn how to make a sunny wedding bouquet

Daffodil: A Flower Full of Symbolism!

In the Western world, the flower is a symbol of selfishness and vanity, but are also a symbol for a new start. Daffodils are the national flower of Wales and therefore also stand for respect and good fortune. In addition to the beauty of the flower, it is also grown for its medicinal properties.

What is less known is that the Daffodil has a completely different meaning in oriental countries. Because of the hanging trumpet, the flower symbolizes hidden love. Secret lovers, or long-distance lovers, send each other these flowers to express their love.

The Story of Narcissus

Not many people know how this flower got this botanical name. The attractive Greek Narcissus broke many hearts, this to the displeasure of many rejected women. These women asked God Nemesis to take revenge and that happened. The god seduces Narcissus to a pond and showed him his own mirror image in the water. Narcissus became spontaneously in love with himself and stayed looking at himself. It was the only thing he could do, he could not look away. Eventually, he drowned in the pond and at that spot, next to the pond, a beautiful yellow flower appeared called Narcissus. If a person overflows with self-love we also call this a narcissist.

White Daffodil close up

Fun Facts About Daffodils

  • The oldest cultured Daffodil (since 1601), a Double Kampernelle, can be seen in the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen, Holland.
  • Out of Narcissus bulbs, they make the substance Galantamine, which is used in medicine for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Daffodils are the national flower of Wales and therefore also stand for respect and good fortune.
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