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Delphinium Wholesale Guide

Delphinium | Holex FlowerThe history of this flower goes several centuries back: one of the first stories about this flower is from Romanian times. This story describes a myth about a man who would be saved, in a miraculous way, by a dolphin. When other people try to catch the dolphin afterward, Neptune saved the dolphin and changed him into a flower. This flower received the name Delphinium, a reference to the Greek word for dolphin.

Less to the imagination is the story that the flower got his name because of the shape of the flower buds. The English name Larkspur is also a reference to the shape of the flowers. Every flower has a rearward-facing track. The flower is also a favorite garden plant, but be careful: the flower is toxic to humans and animals.


The flower gives a message of lightness and protection through her form. When all the flowers open, you can see the heart of the buds with all their beauty.  The flower was already used by Indians to make blue paint, on the other side the colonists used the flowers to make ink.

Delphiniums | Holex FlowerColors, Shapes, and Availability

In total, there are about two hundred and fifty kinds of Delphiniums. In our range, you can mostly find Delphinium Belladonna, Delphinium Ajacis, and Delphinium Elatum with different stem lengths. Typical for these flowers is the color; almost all the varieties are colored purple or blue. Due to the popularity of the flower, there are more and more new colors on the market. Because of this, you can now also use various shades of pink, yellow and white Delphiniums for your designs. The long stems, with sometimes hundreds of small flowers per stem, give an exuberant and luxurious look to bouquets and centerpieces. It’s the perfect flower for a field bouquet. Read this blog post to see which varieties are our favorites!

Design Suggestions with Delphinium

Because of the stem length of the flower, you can play with heights in the floral design. How beautiful: one bouquet of different colors and lengths Delphiniums. Check out the video tutorials we’ve made with Delphinium:All About Delphinium | Holex Flower

For more design inspiration, you can also visit our Delphinium mood board on Pinterest!

How It’s Grown: Delphinium

We’ve visited the Dutch nursery of Andre Westendorp, and created a video t show you how these amazing flowers are being grown! Watch the movie over here.

Shop Care Tips

Stems should be green and not black or yellow. Remove all the excess leaves before you put them in water so that there are no leaves in the water. Be careful, Delphiniums are sensitive to ethylene and release a lot of bacteria in the water. So, it is recommended that you change the water every day and use a conditioner in the water. Store the flowers in a cooler.

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