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Origin of the Forsythia

The flowering shrub Forsythia is discovered by William Forsyth, a botanist, and member of the Royal Horticultural Society. There are around ten species, who all belong to the olive family (Oleaceae).  Between 1833-1930 Forsyth introduced the shrub in England from China, Korea, and Albania.

Next, to the name Forsythia, the branches are known as Easter tree. This season, spring, is the most important season for the Forsythia. When spring starts, the shrub is getting beautiful yellow flowers with graceful four-petalled star shapes.


Because of the flowering in spring, Forsythia stands for spring sun and anticipation. After a long and cold winter, we are all longing to the sun and the first flowers to bloom. The yellow color of Forsythia is more than welcome in springtime.

Forsythia yellowColors, Availability, and Design Suggestions

The typical branches with yellow flowers are available from January till April. The high season is around Easter, and after those days the season is almost finished. If you choose for Forsythia you can play with different heights, the branches are available from short (40 centimeters) to long (200 centimeters).

Forsythia has unique, woody stems, together with the yellow flowers it is a joyful appearance. Popular in spring-inspired bouquets with Irises, Tulips, Fritillaria, Daffodils, and Hyacinths. But also perfect for a Wedding bouquet with Magnolia Cymbidium, Astrantia, Dianthus and Solidago. But how beautiful are a couple of branches in a vase? Then Forsythia gets the attention it deserves.

Forsythia branchesShop Care Tips

Check the stems when you receive them on damaging. If the flower buds are still closed, you should cut the branches with a sharp knife and put them on water. Do you want the flowers to open? Wrap the flowers in plastic and expose them to daylight. Thanks to the plastic the level of humidity will increase and this is promoting blooming. As the blooms start to open, remove the plastic. If you keep the Forsythia in the cooler the flowers will open slowly.

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