Fritillaria MeleagrisOrigin of the Fritillaria

The Fritillaria is part of the Lily family and just like this flower its grows out of a bulb. Originally the plant comes from Europe, Asia, and some species are from North-America. There are around hundred specifies in the Fritillaria family.

The botanical name Fritillaria comes from the Latin word fritillus, meaning dice-box. A reference to the pattern that attends on some of the flowers. The flower has a lot of nicknames; Snake’s head, Chess flower, drooping Tulip, checkered Lily and Guinea flower are some of them. One of the most common species is the Fritillaria Meleagris. Meleagris means translated ‘spotted like a guinea fowl’.

The Asian and European species usually have the brown color as a base, together with yellow, red-brown, gray and white tones. The flowers always hang downside, this is a sign that the flower blooms in a period with a lot of rain. To prevent the stamp from getting wet, the crown and cup work as an umbrella. The American species are usually more striking, yellow and red shades are in the majority.

Fritillaria varietiesSymbolism

There are many stories about why the flower heads are hanging down. According to a legend, all flowers bowed as a sign of respect when Jesus passed by. Only one flower stood arrogantly up: the Fritillaria. Because of this disrespect, an angel came down and spoke to the flower. The Fritillaria was so ashamed, the head went down and he started crying. Those tears are the shiny drops of nectar inside the flower.

Colors, Availability, and Design Suggestions

Fritillaria is a real seasonal beauty, only available in the winter and spring. Click here to watch the video we made during our visit to Fritillaria grower Gia Flowers. The flowers are available from February till June. There are different shapes and colors available. Most common colors are purple, green, yellow, white and orange. All different species have the famous hanging flowers. Widely used in the wedding season but also beautiful in a bouquet. The season is short, so be sure you don’t miss this flower!

Fritillaria PersicaThese spring-blooming bulbs are a wonderful combination with other spring flowers like Tulips and Daffodils. The shorter Fritillaria are perfect for wedding decoration, think about corsage, hairpiece or on the wedding cake. The romantic flowers combine wonderfully with Ranunculi, Roses, Peonies, and Freesias.

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems with a sharp knife, remove the bottom leaves if necessary. Use a clean vase and add flower food to the water, you could use specific flower food for bulb flowers. Please keep in mind the flowers need some space in a bouquet, otherwise, they could be squeezed.