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Gloriosa Flowerwiki Holex Flower BlogThis beautiful climber comes originally from the African and Asian parts of the tropics. These are areas where there is little or no rainfall at specific periods of the year. During the dry time, the upper part of the plant dies, and when the soil becomes moist again, the plant is coming alive.


The Latin name Gloriosa stands for glory, an association that immediately emerges as soon as you see the mighty and graceful flower. Glorious, honorable and fame are also the symbolism of this flower. Gloriosa belongs to the Liliaceae family and has the nickname ‘creeping lily’. This nickname is an explicit reference to the curly fragile rankings of the flower. With these roots, the Gloriosa climbs on and under other plants. The Gloriosa is the national flower of Zimbabwe, where the flower is called fire lily.

Colors, shapes, and availability

With their unique shape and sturdy pink and yellow tones, these flowers are a real attention catcher! More and more florists discover the Gloriosa. The flower gives an exclusive and luxurious appearance in every bouquet or piece. Because of this popularity, the Gloriosa range is slowly expanding with more colors. The following colors are now available: yellow, pink, purple, white and bright orange. In addition to a shortcut flower (25 cm), there is also a long cut flower (65 cm) available. The flowers are year-round available with excellent quality. On request, there are specialties available, for example with a longer stem.

Design suggestions

Gloriosa Flowerwiki Holex Flower BlogFragile and vulnerable but also graceful, flaming and feminine. Gloriosa is a beautiful, powerful flower that makes every bouquet special. Due to the jumpy shape, the flower always gives a distinct effect.

Some examples how you can combine this flower:

  • Gloriosa, Calla, Hypericum and Pistacia leaf
  • Gloriosa, Rose, Salal, Anthurium and Monstera leaf
  • Gloriosa, Gerbera, Craspedia and Asparagus Treefern
  • Gloriosa, Celosia, Tulips and Cornix branch

Shop care tips

You receive the flowers in airtight bags, cut the bags gently open. Then cut 1 cm off the stem with a sharp and clean knife. Put the flowers in cold water with a conditioner and use a clean vase or bucket. Store in the cooler.

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