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Did you know? Hedera (Hedera Helix), commonly known as Ivy, is not only available as a garden plant, but also as cut greenery. And it can be a great addition to floral designs! Add a romantic, bohemian touch with the green or variegated garlands of star-shaped Hedera leaves. This great product is year-round available at Holex, and the design possibilities are endless!

Hedera Leaf Long Green

Hedera information

As the name already says, the star-shaped leaves of Hedera Leaf Long Green have a solid, deep green color. This product is available in bunches of 10, wrapped together in a plastic bag. The minimum stem length of each stem is 80 cm.

Hedera Leaf Long Variegated

Hedera Leaf Long Variegated has deep green colored leaves, with creamy patches and streaks. This product is also available in bunches of 10, wrapped together in a plastic bag. The minimum stem length of each stem is 80 cm.

Hedera: Forever and Ever

In ancient times, the Celts thought Hedera was a talisman and a guardian. As the Hedera tendrils covered the outer walls of their houses and “isolated” them, protecting it from heat and cold.

Hedera symbolizes eternal life because the plant always stays green. So if you give your beloved one a bouquet with Roses and Hedera, you say ‘I want to love you forever.’ Isn’t that romantic?

Design Suggestions with Hedera

As already mentioned before, the design possibilities with Hedera are endless. For instance, think about:

  • A bohemian spirited wedding bouquet with Hedera Leaf Long Variegated, Garden Rose Patience, Asparagus Treefern, and Clematis Amazing London.
  • A romantic shoulder corsage for the mother of the bride with Hedera Leaf Long Green, Mini Echeverias, and Spray Rose Bombastic.
  • A cascading table centerpiece with Hedera Leaf Long Variegated, Peony Duchesse de Nemours, Hydrangea Magical Ocean, and Rose Fifth Avenue.
  • A botanic table garland with Hedera Leaf Long Green, Asparagus Treefern, Leatherleaf, and Asparagus Sprengeri.
Hedera origin

On Pinterest, you can find our mood board with lots and lots of other design inspiration on how to use Hedera in floral designs!

Hedera Care Tips

When you receive your Hedera, make sure to cut the stems and put them in fresh, clean water with flower food. Hedera is exceptionally hardy; when it is well hydrated, the stems can be held dry for up to four days.

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