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One of the most famous flowers is the Hydrangea. Its name comes from the shape of the flower, which looks (with a little imagination) like an old pitcher. Botanist Grovonius discovered the plant in 1771. He combined the names Hydro (which means water) and Angeion (which means pitcher), and the name Hydrangea was born. Another story about the origin of the name is the story that the flower is named after a famous woman: Queen Hortense (daughter of Napoleon and Josephine de Beauharnais).

The flower has a rich history. Centuries ago Hydrangea was already famous in Japan and China. Through fossil remains, we know that the Hydrangea already existed 140 million years ago. Originally there were about eighty varieties; nowadays this number is a lot higher through breeding.


The symbolism of this flower is quite a big one: gratitude, grace, and beauty. Due to the large number of flowers on every Hydrangea stem, the flower also stands for sincerity and wealth. The perfect flower to give as a gift!

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

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Unique to Hydrangeas is the color-changing of the flowers. There are two types of Hydrangeas: fresh and classic. At the beginning of the season, the fresh varieties become available in colors like white, green, pink, blue and purple. Hydrangea flowers keep changing color on the plant until the moment the grower cut the flowers. That is why later on in the season the classic varieties become available. These are fresh types with darker, silvered, or ‘antique’ colors. By using this cutting technique, you get a wide range of colors. Classic Hydrangeas are known for their long vase life and the ability to dry them. Hydrangea is available between April and November.

Design Suggestions

The Hydrangea is becoming more and more popular as a cut flower; it is an eye-catcher in every bouquet. More colors (from dreamy to intense) become available on the market and also more varieties, like bicolor flowers or specialties with colored edges. Hydrangeas are beautiful on their own in a vase; they don’t need other flowers. But of course, you can combine them with other flowers, for example with Dianthus, Celosia, gladiolus, Veronica or Eryngium.

Shop Care Tips

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The Hydrangea is crazy about water, that’s why you receive the flowers in a water reservoir. Make sure the flowers have enough water in the shop. For the best result, cut the stems first.

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