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Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Wholesale Guide

Ohhh, that amazing Lathyrus! Also know by the name Sweet Pea (“pronkerwt” in Dutch), because of its family ties to the bean. This delicate flower is a real gem for each designer to develop spectacular arrangements for weddings and all types of exquisite events. Read all about this breathtaking flower in our Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Wholesale Guide!

When is Lathyrus Available?

You can find this amazing product in the Holland webshop department from the beginning of March to the end of November. From mid-December to mid-March our North-American customers can find Japanese grown Sweet Peas in the Miami webshop department. After this, there are also Italian-grown varieties available until mid-April.

Sweet Pea Varieties for (Wholesale) Florists

In the Holex webshop, you can find Lathyrus in both the Holland and the Miami webshop department. Lathyrus is available with short stems (40 cm) and with longer stems, the so-called ‘Vines’ (80-100 cm). There are a plethora of colors and color combinations available, and even painted varieties!

Lathyrus 40 cm Varieties

These Sweet Pea varieties are the most well-known. Their fantastic fragrance will lift up any floral design! For example, pure white, champagne, and cream-colored for elegant wedding designs. Or, if you’re opting for a more bold look, we offer apricot, deep red, and even hot pink! For every floral design, there is a matching variety.

Sunshine Lavender
Parfum Cream
Sunshine Navy
Sunshine Pink

Lathyrus Wedding Varieties

Wedding Lathyrus varieties have fringed petals and are all bicolored. They look amazing, and their fragrance is fantastic too! This series is bred by, and the variety names all contain their main color. You can find them in the Holland webshop department. For example, take a look at Lathyrus Wedding Blue, and Lathyrus Wedding Pink!

Wedding Lavender
Wedding Pink
Wedding White

Lathyrus Magic Varieties

Magic varieties are painted Lathyruses. You may think ‘I’m no fan of painted flowers’, but take a moment to discover the painted versions of Sweet Pea! These beauties are absorbed dyed, so no layer on the petals, but an amazing color feast on each petal through the paint that is absorbed via the stem. Depending on which color you choose, it could look very natural. We offer painted Sweet Pea in the Holland webshop department in a wide color palette.

Magic Pumpkin
Magic Blue
Magic Brownies

Elegancy on Its Best: Sweet Pea Vines

In the summertime, when temperatures rise, this amazing flower is also available with longer stem lengths. These ‘Vines’ have such a gorgeous appearance! In the Holland webshop department, you can find them with lengths of 80 cm. During the Japanese season, you can also find them in the Miami webshop department, sometimes even of 100 cm! Contact your Account Manager for specific wishes.

The wild Lathyrus Vines opens up a new range of design options. Wild and field bouquets are very popular these days, and Lathyrus Vines fit great in that design style. Because of the many available colors, there are also endless combinations to make. Imagine a blue, orange, red, or pink field bouquet with Lathyrus Vines, or mix in every color! The result will be great!

Vines Blue
Vines Cream

Vines Lavender

How Sweet Pea is Grown in Holland

We brought a visit to one of our trusted growers in Holland: They produce 6 million stems a year of these beautiful cut flowers in their greenhouse. Watch the video we made over here!

Lathyrus Symbolism

Sweet Pea symbolizes bliss or delicate pleasure and may also be used to indicate someone is leaving after a positive experience or as a term of endearment. The Sweet Pea is also April’s Birth Flower.

Sicilian Beauty

In the 17th century, there was only one place in the world where Lathyrus was grown: in Sicily. A Sicilian monk named Fransicso Capani started to cultivate the wild Lathyrus in his garden, and from then on more and more colors were cultivated. At the end of the 19th century, the Scottish Henry Eckford created the Lathyrus Grandiflora, which we all know nowadays as the “modern” Lathyrus varieties.

Floral Design Inspiration with Lathyrus

You can find some elaborate, exquisite, and immaculate arrangements online using Sweet Peas. It is a trending flower and the wedding flower of choice by more and more of the millennial generation. Visit our Pinterest mood board for design ideas with Lathyrus!

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