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Leather Leaf

Leather Leaf | Holex FlowerLeather Leaf Fern, which official name is Arachniodes Adiantiformis, is a kind of wood fern. It originates from the tropical woods in South-America. The oldest remaining’s of fossil ferns are more than 360 million years old, but the fern varieties we are familiar with nowadays didn’t appear until “only” 145 million years ago. In these days, fern plants could grow up to 15 meters high!


In earlier times, when you had a busy schedule, people believed that you have to carry a bag of fern seeds with you. These seeds made sure that you could move mountains in less time!

Leather Leaf | #flowerwiki | Holex FlowerAir Purifying

Besides the fact that some stems of Leather Leaf give an extra dimension to a floral design, it also offers another benefit: it is air purifying. Air purifying plants convert CO₂ during the day into oxygen and they improve the air humidity, because of the water vapor they bring into the air. The leaves also have an important job to do: they absorb a number of harmful substances that are suspended in the air and then break them down.

Design Suggestions with Leather Leaf

Leather Leaf is a very popular greenery variety for decades now. It has fresh, green color and leaves that look a bit like they are made out of leather. Leatherleaf is easy to combine with other greenery and flowers, and because of the amazing leaf texture is adds a touch of rustic romance to a design. Try a to combine a few stems of Leather Leaf with some beautiful Lisianthuses, Peonies, and Pittosporum for a field looking bouquet. Or use them in little table decorations, and combine them with Aster and Astilbe. Another great idea is to use Leather Leaf in wedding corsages. Cut the top of the stem and use this as the basis. On top of it, you can place any kind of flower you want, is will shine because!

All About Leather Leaf | #flowerwiki | Holex FlowerVarious Sizes Available in Our Webshop

Leather Leaf is year-round available. At Holex we offer three different sizes of Leather Leaf: Junior, Middle, and Extra. Visit our webshop to see the current offerings!

Shop Care Tips

When the Leather Leaf arrives, cut the ends of the stems, so they are able to hydrate. Put them in fresh, clean water in a fresh bucket with floral food.

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