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Fill your bouquet with Limonium! This flower is incredibly uplifting and adds texture to any floral arrangements. With White Starlight Wings, Donau Birds, Safora Lilac, Sinensis China Summer, and Max Yellow, we enrich the fantastical look of any floral designs. Holex offers a wide range of high-quality Limonium varieties in our webshop.


Limonium has many different names, such as Sea Lavender, Statice, Caspia, Seafoam Statice, or marsh-rosemary. However, Lavenders and Rosemary are not in the same family of Limonium, despite the common names. Limonium is part of the family of Plumbaginaceae. Limonium is a species with 120 varieties of flowers and has a worldwide sub cosmopolitan distribution. The name Limonium is from the Ancient Greek, and it means meadow.


This flower symbolizes success, beauty, sympathy, and remembrance. The profound meaning of Limonium conveys ‘’I miss you’’ when you give these flowers to someone you are fond of. The ‘’everlasting flower’ gained its name due to the pretty calyx that stays on the flower even after the flower has dried. This flower adds some depth to the meaning of any floral wedding bouquet.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Limonium blooms in spring and summer. They are available all-round but looks wonderful in the summer. Limonium comes in an incredible range of colors such as blue, lilac, yellow, white, pink, and purple. The tiny flowers on the stem of the flower fills your bouquet with ease. This everlasting flower maintains its color and shapes when dried.

List of Varieties

  • Limonium Maine Blue – Add this amazing color to your pastel floral design for a fresh spring look.
  • Limonium Piuma Pink Touch – The perfect flower to add in your pink-colored floral design.
  • Limonium Safora Lilac – This flower pairs amazingly well in a purple-colored floral arrangement
  • Limonium Sinensis China Summer – This pure yellow-colored flower adds a delightful layer to your summer bouquet.
  • Limonium Crystal Dark Blue – This flower will enrich your floral arrangement with its intense color.
  • Limonium Donau Birds – Perfect flower to give an amazingly sweet look to your floral design.
  • Limonium White Starlight Wings – A totally pure white-colored Statice gives a lovely innocent look to your floral arrangement.
  • Limonium Max Yellow – The refreshing yellow color of this flower creates a sunny look in your summer bouquet.
  • Limonium Yellow Sun Birds – The texture of this flower gives an all-natural look for your fresh floral design.

Design Suggestions

Limonium creates an amazing depth to your floral bouquet due to its tiny flowers. Use Limonium with peonies, ranunculus, and greenery in a lavender and pink color palette for a boho wedding bouquet. Design a bouquet with great affection and depth with the meaning of Limonium in mind.

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water.

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