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The root of Lisianthus can be found in the southern states of the USA. The flower occurred in the prairies of Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, and Nevada. There the flower grew in river beds as a pure prairie plant. However, the rise of Lisianthus as a cut flower started in Japan. In the 1930s Japanese growers started breeding, and even today our assortment consists of varieties with a Japanese origin. For that reason, the flower is also known as the Japanese rose.

Lisianthus is officially called Eustoma (derived from the Latin name Eustoma russellianum Grandiflorum). The name Lisianthus is a composition of two Greek words; Lysis (which means bitter) and Anthos (which means flower). This name refers to the taste of the flower. Back in the days, people ate the flower for medical purposes. The name Eustoma relates to the shape of the flowers and means translated ‘good mouth’. Eu stands for good and stoma for mouth.


Consumers and florists favor Lisianthus. If you are giving Lisianthuses to somebody, you are giving flowers that symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and charisma. The flower is a great gift.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

lisianthus white eustoma holland flowerwiki holex flower blog

The flower is available in many colors, has beautiful natural looking flowers and stays pretty for a long time. The most common colors are pink, blue, purple and white. But more and more colors and species are on the market. For example, two-toned flowers, flowers with trimmed edges, or double-flowered buds. There is always a Lisianthus that fits in your design! The flower is available year-round.

Design suggestions

Lisianthus adds a sweet and soft look to a bouquet. For that reason, it can be used in many different design styles. Some flowers which you can perfectly combine Lisianthus with are Lily, Carnations, Pompons, and Agapanthus. Do you want more rock ‘n roll? Then mix with Oak leaves, Snowberries, Hypericum, and Alliums. But also a bouquet with only Lisianthus is beautiful.

Care tips

lisianthus eustoma flowerwiki holex flower blog

Lisianthus is extremely bacterial-sensitive, keep this in mind. Make sure that you always use clean water and a clean bucket in the store. The thin leaves are sensitive for a shortage of water, so check the water often and keep it at a right level.

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