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Martagon Lily

Start the summer with Martagon Lily. Normally found in many gardens, but they are surprisingly remarkable as cut flowers! This unique shaped flower adds stunning textures to your floral designs! With our high-quality Claude Shride, Fairy Morning, Slates Morning, and Arabian Knight, we enrich the sweet look of any floral design. Martagon Lilies are amazing when you combine them with summer flowers. Holex offers a wide range of high-quality Martagon Lily varieties in the webshop during the summer period.


Martagon Lily is known by many different names such as Lilium Martagon, Martagon Hybrid Lilies, Mountain Lily or Turk’s cap lily. Martagon Lily is part of the big family of Liliaceae. The name Martagon originate from the word turban or cap in Turkish culture. In Latin, Lilium means lily and is a genus of the family of Liliaceae. Martagon Lily has an enormous native region spread from Portugal to Asia and Mongolia.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Summer is the season when Martagon Lilies are blooming and available in a wide range. Martagon Lily is famous for its recurved turban shape and is often accompanied by playful speckles and freckles. Our favored Martagon Lily colors are red, orange, yellow, and pink for the summer season. A pure, spotless white variety is called Lilium Martagon Album, and the amount is limited. Contact your Account Manager for the availability.

List of Varieties

• Arabian Knight – The brave red color of Arabian Knight adds a blazing texture to your floral arrangements.
• Fairy Morning – A lovely pink-colored flower with a slight glow of yellow creates a charming floral design when Fairy Morning is combined with pure white flowers.
• Claude Shride – This flower gives a profound texture to your floral designs.
• Guinea Gold – The bright colors of this flower stunningly energizes your floral summer arrangement.
• Slates Morning – This sweet flower enhances the smooth look of your floral designs.
• Peppard Gold – A pastel color palette brings out the best of Peppard Gold.
• Sunny Morning – This flower creates a bold and wild look to your floral designs due to the recurved shape of Sunny Morning.
• Terrace City – The yellow color is perfect for achieving the apex of your floral summer design.

Design Suggestions

The recurved shape of this flower looks amazingly sweet in a wedding bouquet with a green and pink color palette. Create a stunning wedding bouquet with a lovely blush-colored Peony Mother’s choice, Eucalyptus baby blue, Lisianthus Rosita White, and Astilbe Erika with Martagon Lily Sunny Morning to create an eye-catching floral design. The vivid Martagon Lily Terrace City brings texture and depth to any summer floral centerpiece. The perfect flower to combine with summer flowers!

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water. To ensure the best condition for the Martagon Lily, you should place them on a spot where the sun shines on the flowers all day. This flower requires very low maintenance, but you need to water it regularly.

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