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Monstera Leaf


Monstera Flowerwiki Holex Flower Blog
This plant occurs naturally in the tropical forests of southern Mexico to Panama. It is a climbing plant with meaty air roots that can grow up to 20 meters. The plant belongs to the Araceae family, the same family to which the Calla belongs.


The Monstera is a real retro plant and has been famous for several years. Not only in the living room at home but also at florists. The round and characteristic leaves make the Monstera a real winner. The nickname of this beauty is Swiss cheese plant, that name doesn’t need explanation. A young plant doesn’t have the holes yet, with time the gaps start to appear on the leaves. The holes have a practical purpose for the plant; it helps the plant to survive. In the rainforest, high wind and heavy rain are not unusual; thanks to the holes the leaves don’t break. Big leaves catch a lot of wind, but now the wind goes through the holes. Monstera is a symbol for a long life. That makes it a perfect part of a birthday bouquet.

Colors, shapes, and availability

Monstera Flowerwiki Holex Flower BlogMonstera leaves range in size from 24 inches to 48 inches. There is only one color available; all leaves have the characteristic green color. The leaves have a high ornamental value, and all have a sturdy stem. Thus, perfect for use in a bouquet! The leaves are year-round available and with excellent quality.

Some inspiration how to use your Monstera leaves:

  • 2 or 3 leaves in a glass vase
  • As a base for a small wedding bouquet

You can combine Monstera perfectly in a bouquet with:

  • Lily, Allium, and Hypericum
  • Dahlia, Celosia, Rose, and Eucalyptus

Shop care tips

Monstera Flowerwiki Holex Flower Blog

Check the leaves when you receive them. Cut the stems with a clean and sharp knife and put them in fresh water in a bucket with a conditioner.

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