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All About Muscari | #flowerwiki | www.holex.comOrigin

Part of the Hyacinthaceae family, and known under the botanical name Muscari or otherwise as Grape Hyacinths, or Blue Grape Hyacinths. Muscari is derived from the Latin word ‘muscus’, which translated means musk. This is referring to the scent of the flowers, which is similar to musk. Muscari has bell-shaped flowers, which closely resemble upturned bunches of grapes, and so the nickname Grape Hyacinths was born.

The flower is native to Eurasia, and in total there are 42 species. The most famous one is the Muscari Botryoides, this flower occurs often in the wild in Europe. It’s a spring flower that stores its energy in the flower bulb.


The flower stands for tenderness and softness, the religious meaning of the Muscari is caring love. It’s the perfect flower if you want to give flowers to a beloved one!

Muscari | Blue Grape | www.holex.comColors, Shapes, and Availability

This delicate flower comes in various shades of blue, from light till darker blue. Less well-known, but least so beautiful, is the white Muscari. The flower is naturally a real spring beauty but is nowadays almost year-round available. Like more spring flowers, Muscari has a short stem and it’s hard to get a stem longer than 30 centimeters.

Design Combinations

Because of the sweet soft colors, it’s a commonly used flower for weddings. Because of the height, they are not ideal for the bouquet, but more than enough other options! For example, table arrangements, corsages, hair pieces and other wedding decorations.

Flowers that combine beautifully with Blue Grape Hyacinths are, of course, other spring flowers like Tulips, Ranunculus and Anemone. If you are going for a romantic look, combine Muscari with pastel-colored Roses and Pussywillow. For a more modern look try to combine Muscari with other flowers with extraordinary textures, like Craspedia.

Shop Care Tips

When you receive Muscari, cut of half a centimeter from the bottom of the bunch and place the flower in lukewarm water. 


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